Ega Juice Clinic: When Your Food Becomes Your Medicine

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Whatever benefits and knowledge progress has brought with it, nature and the wisdom of our ancestors still offer a worthy alternative. The enormous number of challenges we face in today’s world cause health problems against which official medicine is powerless. And this is where the Ega Juice Clinic suggests turning to the ancient health science of Ayurveda. This year’s winner of Luxury Lifestyle Awards in the category of The Best Fitness & Wellness in Singapore combines an ancient system of medicine with the latest nutrition knowledge to create products designed to help you forget about medications and hospitals.

The impetus for the creation of the Ega Juice Clinic was Sumit Nanda’s story of struggle and victory over chronic illnesses that had plagued him for many years since his childhood. The India-born entrepreneur Sumit grew up with an extremely sensitive throat and was often sick. By the age of 35, he was diagnosed with high blood pressure, had more and more headaches, and painkillers became his constant companions.

This continued until Sumit met an ayurvedic doctor Dr. Ratheesh from Kerala in 2011. After checking Sumit’s pulse, the doctor said his biological age was 65, when, in fact, he was only 42. Dr. Ratheesh told him to get rid of all pills and suggested a 30-day detox. Those 30 days, spent under the doctor’s watchful eye, completely changed Sumit’s life. By following the principles of Ayurveda and following a healthy diet, he made food a medicine and filled his life with health and energy, leaving all diseases behind.

These changes shocked Sumit, and he made it his goal to study Ayurveda deeply and help others by sharing his experience and knowledge. In 2016, he and Dr. Ratheesh founded Ega Juice Clinic, a brand offering a variety of healthy body-cleansing drinks, cold-pressed juices, cold brew coffees, turmeric lattes, and detox juices. The brand’s products and counseling services are aimed at preventing lifestyle-related diseases with the help of properly selected diets and detox systems.

The word Ega in the name of the Ega Juice Clinic came naturally. After experiencing all the benefits of the new lifestyle, Sumit discovered that his pulse rate declared his biological age to be 33. That got him thinking about the reverse course of age, so the word “age” backward became the name of the brand.

Sumit Nanda and Dr. Ratheesh take a long and careful look at the fruits and vegetables that make up the Ega Juice Clinic products. Before forming their unique catalogue of products, they spent a year personally buying and testing fresh fruits and vegetables, creating combinations to treat every body type. Their individualized approach to each person allows Sumit to choose the best course of cleansing or diet based on their body structure.

This approach has been praised not only by the Luxury Lifestyle Awards experts but by many people who have improved their health thanks to the Ega Juice Clinic. Today, the brand’s products are available online as well as in five retail stores across Singapore. Ega Juice Clinic’s customer base has already exceeded 200,000 people, the juice cleanse program has benefited more than 6,000 customers, and Ayurveda and wellness counselling has helped 5,000 people so far. Until recently, the brand’s geography was limited to Singapore, but at the end of 2020, the company began introducing its products to the Indian market. This means that even more people will be able to appreciate the benefits of the preventive healthcare system developed by Sumit Nanda and Dr. Ratheesh.

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