Everything You Need To Know About Heel Pain

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Heels are known to bear a lot of weight of our body when we walk or stand. When it gets injured due to any reason, the person finds it difficult to stand and walk properly. If there is an injury that happens at work to cause this pain, you may want to consult a Minnesota workers’ comp lawyer (or one in your area) for claims opportunities. This condition could be serious if ignored and worst situations might need surgical intervention to treat pain. There are 26 bones in our foot and ankle along with 33 joints and over 100 tendons. Pain in the heel could either occur due to an injury or overuse and it could range from mild to severe. In the most serious cases, disabling could also be seen. Let us see the most common causes of heel pain.

Common Causes of Heel Pain

Plantar Fasciitis

This is the condition in which a thick band of tissue present at the bottom of the foot gets inflamed. Plantar fasciitis is one of the most common causes of heel pain. In this condition, the patient feels stabbing pain and this is generally experienced when the person places his/her first foot on the ground in the morning. This condition can be treated without surgery in most cases, but in certain conditions, surgery may be required. Surgery in the case of plantar fasciitis may not require the use of Orthopedic Instruments & Implants.

Sprains and Strains

Sprains and strains occur due to physical activity and they are common. These conditions could vary from being minor to severe and this will depend upon the type of incident that occurred. They are also known to result in heel pain.

Stress Fracture

As we’ve discussed above, overuse can result in heel pain, thus, it may also involve fracture due to repetitive and overuse of the heel bone. This condition is common in athletes with high training intensity. Stress fracture resulting in heel pain could also occur due to osteoporosis.

Achilles Tendonitis

This condition is characterized by the inflammation of the tendon that connects the heel bone to the calf. Achilles tendonitis is a painful condition and could also result due to overuse. This injury is also known to be common in athletes and could also occur in middle-aged people who play sports. Resting and consumption of prescribed analgesics are known to be the best way to treat this condition.

These are some of the conditions that could result in heel pain and to avoid worsening the condition, it is necessary to see an expert without wasting much time.

How to Treat Heel Pain?

Just like all other injuries, the treatment procedure of heel pain will also depend upon the type and seriousness of the condition. If the condition is mild, the specialist will always suggest home remedies involving proper rest, application of ice on the heel, and prescribed medications to curb pain.

In certain cases, the doctor may also suggest physical therapy to improve the symptoms. Surgery is indicated in most rare cases.

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