Which Are The Factors That Affect Bones Badly?

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Bones are critical for our health and their strength is important for all of us. Bones give a proper structure to our body and ensure good strength. When bones become weak, we also find ourselves weak. This is because, with weak bones, we cannot do normal physical activities properly like walking, sitting, bending, and other day-to-day activities. Thus, to avoid this, it is necessary for us to keep our bones strong.


Weak bones are prone to getting fractures or other bone-related problems easily, and they might require surgical intervention using Orthopedic Bone Plates, Titanium Bone Screws, and other implants depending upon the injury and its location. To get CE-certified implants, find an experienced Orthopedic Implants Manufacturer There are certain factors that negatively impact bone health and we are going to discuss that in this post.

Factors that Affect Bone Health Negatively


Beware, smokers! Those who smoke tend to lose bone mass rapidly hence, are more prone to getting fractures. According to studies, people who consume tobacco have low bone density and that increases the chances of developing osteoporosis and other bone-related diseases. The reason why this is so is free radicals are produced while smoking and they attack the bone cells. Besides this, studies have also confirmed that smoking produces cortisol (stress hormone), and it is responsible for the weakening of bones.

Little or No Physical Activity

Strong bones require an optimum amount of physical activity to ensure a proper range of motion and muscle strength. People with a sedentary lifestyle tend to develop bone-related diseases like osteoporosis, thus, this increases the chances of getting fractures even due to slight falls. Studies have confirmed that people with limited physical activity lose bone more rapidly than the ones who regularly engage in physical activities. Besides this, their muscles & tendons also tend to become weak while limiting the range of motion of the joint.

Consumption of High Amount of Salt

Studies have confirmed that high sodium intake in the body releases more calcium. Thus, there is a direct relationship between high salt intake and weak bones. It is noticed that women who consume even one gram extra sodium than the normal intake value can lose one per cent of their bone density. Thus, it is important for us to make sure that we don’t consume more salt than the normal intake limit.

Consumption of Excessive Amount of Alcohol

Just like smoking, consumption of too much alcohol is also harmful to our body and it negatively impacts bone health as well. Alcohol is also known to increase the production of cortisol in our body and cortisol is a stress hormone that weakens our bones. Besides this, studies have also confirmed that consumption of alcohol reduces the levels of estrogen and testosterone and this will contribute to the weakening of bones.

Staying Home All Day

Staying indoors throughout the day is a sign that the physical activity of the person is too less and when this is the case, our bones start losing strength & flexibility. Plus, we all require the optimum amount of vitamin D to strengthen bones and it is present naturally in the sunlight. So, when the person is home throughout the day, he/she won’t get enough sunlight and this will also contribute to the weakening of bones.

These above-mentioned are some of the factors that negatively affect our bone health. If our bones become weak, they could get fractured even with a slight fall and the fracture could be serious. Serious fractures generally require surgery with the use of trauma implants. To avoid all this, it is important for us to consider what has been mentioned above and take a step ahead to keep our bones strong.

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