The year 1819 marked a significant milestone in Singapore’s journey with the arrival of Sir Stamford Raffles. 200 years on, the Singapore Bicentennial is a time to reflect on the island’s rich history – not just from 1819, but going as far back as 700 years ago, to understand how Singapore has evolved from a place with a strategic geographical location to a nation with a unique identity. Goodwood Park Hotel Singapore Bicentennial will be celebrated through reminiscing local food culture.

To commemorate Singapore’s bicentennial, Goodwood Park Hotel pays tribute to the city’s rich multi-ethnic food culture that reigns supreme in the hearts of both locals and visitors. Walk down memory lane with a thoughtfully curated menu of nostalgic local delights from the early days and the Hotel’s signature durian cake adorned with a white chocolate mosaic of imprinted historical scenes of Singapore and the Hotel’s illustrious past.

Goodwood Park Hotel Singapore Bicentennial – Local Hawker Fare of Yesteryear

Sir Stamford Raffles’ plan for Singapore as a free port-of-call saw immigrants from around the world travel to the island, and with them came a myriad of exciting and diverse cuisine. Street peddling by hawkers of different races in the 1800s formed a street food heritage that has greatly influenced the local food landscape, shaping the nation’s culinary tapestry of today. Many dishes, which have become celebrated Singapore hawker dishes, have evolved over time through the integration of cultures and traditions.

In celebration of Singapore’s hawker culture, the Coffee Lounge presents a 5-Course Singapore Commemoration Local Degustation Menu ($40++ per person) of iconic multicultural hawker delights that have become perennial must-haves at this favoured haunt.

Goodwood Park Hotel Singapore Bicentennial – Singapore Commemoration Local Degustation Menu at Coffee Lounge

Prepared with traditional recipes, authentic local dishes on the menu include starters like the Chicken Satay with Peanut Sauce, skewers of grilled chicken that were brought over as kebabs by the Arab traders with the burgeoning spice trade, and later adapted to the Asian palate. The Freshly Tossed Singapore Rojak, a tropical fruit and vegetable salad dressed with tangy prawn paste teeming with piquant flavours, melds influences by the Malays, Chinese and Indonesians.

Hearty mains satiate with Hainanese Chicken Rice, a dish that was created by Chinese settlers from Hainan. Tender poached chicken and fragrant rice are accompanied by an addictive homemade garlic chilli sauce and flavoursome broth. Originated from Laksa Lemak which has Peranakan roots, Coffee Lounge’s Laksa Singapura brims with a spicy coconut prawn gravy, prawns, fish cake, shredded chicken, fried beancurd and hard-boiled egg. Thick rice noodles are cut into shorter lengths to be eaten the traditional way with a spoon.

Introduced by the Indonesian immigrants, Bubur Pulut Hitam is a black glutinous rice porridge enriched with coconut milk, and was back then, a popular choice as a snack or for tea time, supper and breakfast. At the Coffee Lounge, it is served as a comforting dessert to complete the meal.

Exuding charm within the historic Grand Tower wing – a gazetted national monument, the Coffee Lounge is perfect for reminiscing over lunch or dinner with business associates, family or friends.

Singapore Commemoration Local Degustation Menu At Coffee Lounge
Available during lunch and dinner | $40++ per person | 29 January to 30 April 2019

You can call (65) 6730 1746 or email to make a reservation at Coffee Lounge.

Goodwood Park Hotel Singapore Bicentennial – D24 Singapore Commemoration Cake

A gem of nature, durian is highly sought after in South-East Asia for its creamy fruit and intense flavour that varies in sweet and bitter notes with each variety. Native to the region and integral to the local way of life, durian is often shared and indulged in communally, bringing people together.

Widely enjoyed in Singapore, the ‘King of Fruits’ made its debut in 1983 at Goodwood Park Hotel with its star creation, the Durian Mousse Cake. The repertoire has since grown over 36 years to a collection of 14 sweets from puffs to ice cream and many other enticing choices; establishing the Hotel as a long-standing institution renowned for elegant durian treats, relished by aficionados of the fruit and the uninitiated.

To commemorate the 200th anniversary of the British in Singapore, Goodwood Park Hotel will launch the D24 Singapore Commemoration Cake ($88nett) on 15 March 2019 in conjunction with the Hotel’s annual Durian Fiesta. Featuring four flavours – gula melaka, coffee, pandan and durian mousse, the 1-kilogram cake is adorned with a mosaic of white chocolate squares imprinted with eight historical scenes of Singapore and Goodwood Park Hotel’s illustrious past. Limited to only 200 cakes, an advance order of five days is required, subject to availability.

A Mosaic of History with Goodwood Park Hotel’s Signature Durian Cake D24 Singapore Commemoration Cake
Takeaway from The Deli | $88nett, 1kg | 15 March to 14 July 2019

Durian lovers may visit The Deli from 9am to 9pm daily, call (65) 6730 1786, email or send the order form (available at the Hotel or at to Takeaway orders can also be placed online at

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