Harriston Ruby Chocolate – New 4th Chocolate Type To Debut In SE Asia

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Step aside Dark, White & Normal Chocolate, there is a brand new contender in town. Serving over 8 million chocolate lovers worldwide with their ever-expanding list of 150 chocolate variants, Harriston is the leading chocolatier in Malaysia and they are proud to announce the arrival of a brand new Harriston Ruby Chocolate. In collaboration with Barry Callebaut, a world-leading chocolate manufacturer, the 4th type of chocolate will debut in Southeast Asia for the first time ever!

Harriston Ruby Chocolate – Introduction To The Chocolatier

Committed to its tagline “A Unique Malaysian Chocolate Experience”, Harriston takes pride in infusing truly Malaysian flavours into their chocolate creations especially with its successful exotic range―the Durian and Tongkat Ali chocolates―which has proven to be one of their bestselling products. Now, a new line of exciting products awaits. Dubbed the ruby chocolate, in collaboration with Barry Callebaut, a world-leading chocolate manufacturer, the revolutionary confectionary has made an appearance in Southeast Asia for the first time ever.

Now hailed as one of the largest chocolate makers in the country, Harriston currently sells its mouthwatering products through Harriston Signature, their flagship store in Taman Shamelin Perkasa, Cheras and Georgetown, Penang. Meanwhile, Harriston Boutique, an abbreviated version of the flagship stores, is located at Gohtong Jaya, Genting Highlands; MaTIC, Ampang; and Jalan Bagan Jermal, Penang.

Harriston Ruby Chocolate – The World’s 4th Chocolate

Deemed as comfort food to many, chocolates hold a very special meaning to the local chocolatier as they aim on comforting people with their captivating sweet chocolate tones through infusing the values and taste of Malaysian favourites into their product. With the most recent addition to their product line-up, the 4th chocolate is expected to penetrate the confectionary industry like no other.

80 years after the launch of white chocolate as the third natural chocolate flavour after dark and milk, ruby chocolate is now widely accepted as the 4th addition to the family of chocolate. The fresh berry-fruitiness and colour tone are naturally present in the ruby cocoa bean. No berry flavour nor colour has been added, delivering an intense sensorial delight to consumers.

Ruby chocolate, first announced to the world in late 2017 was discovered by the global R&D centres of Barry Callebaut in France and Belgium, which is part of its global network of the 28 research and development centres, together with Jacobs University in Germany. The birth of the chocolate is considered as an instrumental industry breakthrough.

When asked to elaborate more on the attractiveness of ruby chocolate for the Southeast Asian market, Mr. Choo Shuo-yen, Barry Callebaut’s Vice President of Sales for Food Manufacturers in Southeast Asia and Regional Marketing Asia Pacific said, “With a strong food heritage, today’s consumers, especially millennials, are highly sophisticated—savouring every nuance and demanding more from their food and drinks. Consumers are seeking unique sensory experiences and ready to indulge on innovative products such as ruby chocolate – to discover distinctive colours, taste, and flavours for every consumption occasion.”

Harriston’s ruby chocolate range comes in three variants: ruby chocolate bar, ruby chocolate thin strips and ruby chocolate coconut crunch bar. Harriston ruby chocolate bar will be sold at selected supermarkets and hypermarkets under the Harriston Artisan line alongside Harriston Artisan white, milk and dark chocolate bars, while its ruby chocolate thin strips and ruby chocolate coconut crunch bar will be available exclusively at Harriston stores under the Harriston Signature line.

According to Queenie Teng, Executive Director of Harriston, “We are very excited with the arrival of this new product of ours. It will come in many variants and we will do our utter best to introduce this long-awaited chocolate to Malaysians of all backgrounds and hopefully in the near future, the people of Southeast Asia. At the end of the day, we hope that the people will fall in love with this quality and berry fruity chocolate just like we did!”

All Harriston Signature products are available at both Harriston Signature and Harriston Boutique outlets. For more information, please log on www.harristonchocolate.com 

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