Harry Potter Wizards Unite – Your Ultimate Start Up Kit To The Game

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Fan of Pokemon Go? Niantic has just made Harry Potter Wizards Unite available in many parts of Asia! Just like Pokemon Go, the game offers a similar style of map-based exploration game mechanics which involves discovery, character development, mystical beasts, battles and of course, augmented reality. Wait no more, download the game and read up our ultimate tips and tricks guide to get you started on your magical adventure!

1. Harry Potter Wizards Unite – Turn off Augmented Reality (AR)

Similar to your Pokemon experience, serious gamers will know best that they ought to switch off the AR after a while. It helps to reduce battery drain, speed up gameplay and make it a lot easier to battle. Before you do, allow yourself to at least conduct some battles in AR to know how awesome it looks.

2. Harry Potter Wizards Unite – Complete Game Assets Downloads

To speed up the game and reduce the mobile data needed, download all the game assets one shot. Head into the suitcase and the option to download all assets will be made available to you. We advise that you connect to your Wi-Fi and cater some time for the download – the total game data is over 3.5GB, so make sure you have sufficient space on your phone too.

3. Harry Potter Wizard Unite – Turn On Battery Saver

To allow maximum gameplay, go for battery saver. This will dim the screen if your phone is upside down, meaning you can slip it into a pocket and keep walking (racking up those important kms to unlock portkeys) but without draining the battery so much.

4. Harry Potter Wizard Unite – Master Your Keys

To unlock a portkey, you will need to open the portmanteau that contains it. To do that you need a key and have to walk the required distance (2, 5 or 10km). You will have one golden key which gives you unlimited unlocks and collect silver keys that can only be used once.

  • Golden keys – 2km, 5km
  • Silver keys – 10km

As silver keys can only be used once, this gets the most out of them.

5. Harry Potter Wizard Unite – Get brewing potions

Potions are needed for wizarding challenges (which earn you XP to level up) and when you come across more difficult opponents. Potions can be earned for completing tasks but brewing them is part of the game – that’s why you will find yourself collecting ingredients as you walk around. If you don’t brew potions, your bag soon fills up – it’s better to be carrying healing potions than the ingredients.

6. Harry Potter Wizard Unite – Speed up potion brewing with Master Notes

Master Notes helps you reduce brewing time by 15%. Go to your cauldron and tap the handle. You’ll then be able to enter a sequence of patterns to speed up the brewing process. You have to figure out the pattern for each potion but tap on the “i” for information to see potential patterns you can try.

7. Harry Potter Wizard Unite – Get As Many Spell Energy As Possible

You need to gather spell energy to cast spells. With it, you cannot collect foundables or battle and that halts your progress. You can have a maximum of 75 spell energy. Here are the channels to replenish your spell energy:

  • Inns – just swipe and the meal or drink will give you spell energy
  • Greenhouses – some of the plants will give you spell energy
  • Completing some assignments
  • Buy it with gold – this is a waste of gold – it’s better to go to the inns instead

8. Harry Potter Wizard Unite – Free Spell Energy Gift

There’s a free gift in Diagon Alley waiting for you that will give you 50 spell energy. Go to Diagon Alley (in-app store) and scroll all the way to the bottom. There’s free gift there, but it’s probably only for a limited time after you start playing the game.

9. Harry Potter Wizard Unite – How To Earn More Gold

Gold helps to speed up brewing, buy potions or runes and perhaps, more importantly, let you increase your capacity for spell energy or storage for ingredients.

You start the game with some gold but you can get more by:

  • Completing your daily assignments
  • Levelling up
  • Playing every day
  • Buy it with real money

10. Harry Potter Wizard Unite – Master Registry & Target Collecting

In the course of discovering foundables, you need to leave some which you already collected. There are some common foundables which you can encounter regularly so don’t waste spell energy on them if you already have them. It’s better to figure out what you’re missing in the Registry and target those traces. Some foundables come in fragments so you’ll need to catch them a number of times.

11. Harry Potter Wizard Unite – Watch Out For Highlighted Traces 

Traces appear all over the map, with the icon showing you what category it falls into. But some will have a highlight coming out of the top like a beam of coloured light. Those are more severe traces and are often rarer, more difficult and better to collect.

12. Harry Potter Wizard Unite – Find Your Local Greenhouse & Grow Ingredients

You need to start planning the seeds in your suitcase. Find your local greenhouse and plant your seeds to grow the ingredients you need for potions. It needs to be a local greenhouse because you need to go back there to harvest it. If others plant there, you can also harvest what they are growing.

13. Harry Potter Wizard Unite – Save Your Portkey For Home Play

Once you unlocked a portkey, save it for when you’re at home or in the garden. It will transport you to another place and require AR play to find items there. It’s a great way to continue playing the game when you are not able to head out exploring and finding in the real world.

We hope you find these tips useful! Have fun and share your other tips and comments too! Watch the launch trailer below.

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