Quick Facts On HIFU Treatment In Singapore

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Are you on the search for an effective, safe, and non-invasive way to tuck in that unsightly saggy skin caused by ageing? HIFU just might be the treatment you are looking for! High-Intensity Focused Ultrasound (HIFU) is a non-surgical treatment that uses high powered energy of focused ultrasound into the deep layers of the skin. The energy penetrates up to the SMAS layer of the skin, which is then triggered to contract its muscles causing the skin to tighten. HIFU also enables the skin to formulate new collagen at the top layers of the skin even after the treatment is completed. Here are some quick facts you need to know before getting a HIFU treatment.

Is the treatment safe?

HIFU treatment is safe only when it is administered by a licensed practitioner. Patients have to remember that the device used for this treatment uses high powered energy. Misuse of the device can be fatal and cause burns, so be sure to only get HIFU treatments from licensed centres and trained doctors.

Are there different kinds of HIFU treatments?

There is only one kind of HIFU treatment, but several brands of devices that is used to provide the treatment. The most common brands used by licensed clinics in Singapore are Sygmalift HIFU, Ultraformer 3, and Ulthera. Do ask your doctor which brand they use before your treatment to confirm that the device they are using is legitimate.

How much does a full-face HIFU treatment cost?

The cost of a full-face HIFU treatment will vary depending on the brand of the device used. Below is an approximate range of the cost for the three most popular brands of HIFU devices in Singapore:

  • Sygmalift HIFU – $600 to $800
  • Ultraformer 3 – $3000 to $6000
  • Ulthera – $2500 to $6000

How come some clinics offer cheaper costs for a HIFU treatment?

Cheap is actually not an accurate description for a HIFU treatment. We also should consider that there are different factors that affect its pricing. Some of these are:

  • Brand of HIFU device
  • Clinic fees
  • Consultation fees
  • Doctor’s professional fees
  • Extent of area that needs treatment (smaller treatment areas may range from $500 to $800)
  • Number of shots needed
  • Number of sessions needed

Are HIFU treatments offered by therapists in spas safe?

Another critical factor that affects the cost of HIFU is where you get your treatment done. A lot of beauty spas in Singapore are also offering this type of treatment at prices that are too good to be true. In general, a medical-grade HIFU treatment in Singapore can only be done once at an interval of 6 to 12 months. Spas, on the other hand, tell their customers to have regular HIFU treatments within a short interval of time. Imagine the damage this can do to your skin when exposed to heat energy often!

Also, remember that only licensed doctors like Dr Edwin Lim at Edwin Lim Clinic can only use an authentic HIFU device, so be extra meticulous when choosing a place to get your treatment done to ensure that you are getting optimal results.

What do I look for in a doctor that can perform my HIFU treatment?

First, you should look for a doctor that is licensed to perform a HIFU treatment. This is very important. Next, get a doctor that is an expert in administering the procedure. An expert doctor will immediately know when a HIFU treatment can help a patient or not. Lastly, go for a doctor that is experienced and well-trained. Skill is very important to achieve successful results of a HIFU treatment. Doctors that are experienced in doing this treatment will have their own techniques in applying the procedure. A popular technique that is used by doctors is called the “vector lifting.”

How will I know if HIFU is the right treatment for me?

Choosing the right doctor and getting a consultation first before deciding to get a treatment are vital when deciding on having cosmetic procedures done. It is important to bear in mind that HIFU is not the only skin tightening treatment available and that this procedure does not usually work on all types of skin laxity. Doctors that care for the well-being of their patients first will know when to recommend an alternate procedure that would give the desired results of their patients. For example, HIFU treatments are great at reducing certain types of eye bags, so be careful if someone is recommending it to you as a full eye bag removal method. Real eye bags can only be fully removed by surgical methods.

Is the treatment painful?

Doctors use numbing cream on the treatment area to minimise any pain during the treatment. At most, patients will feel minimal discomfort and a prickling sensation on their skin.

How long is the needed downtime for the treatment?

Minimal downtime is needed after the treatment, depending on the extent of the treated area.

How long will the results last?

Patients can expect results from a HIFU procedure to last within 12 to 18 months, depending on the skin’s reaction to the treatment.

Can my medical insurance or Medisave be used when getting a HIFU treatment?

HIFU treatments are non-surgical and falls under cosmetic treatments, therefore it is not covered by either Medisave or any medical insurance.

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