Must-Try These New Year CNY Goodies From Singapore

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The New Year celebration is the right time to satisfy your sweet cravings with delicious cookies, wafers, and tarts. People start scramble bakeries and Chinese fairs to have best goodies in their cart and neglect their weight loss diet in front of a shelf overloaded with assorted treats and delicacies. In Chinese fairs, you get every sample of goodies, but this also makes it difficult and confusing to choose the best as you have a lot of choice in front of you. But if you are very health conscious then low- sugar and gluten-free products are also available in the stores. So, relish your sweet desires on New Year without any compromise. Below we listed a few must-try CNY Goodies from Singapore to make the process of choosing the best from the pool easier for you:


Kueh Bangkit-Singapore

Well known as coconut cookies the kueh bangkit is the famous cookies of Singapore made from coconut cream and tapioca flour. You can enjoy the amazing flavour of coconut as the cookie touch the tongue and meltdown in your mouth. Kueh bangkit is a kind of traditional cookie which you can find in almost every home in Singapore. If you want to try best then shop for these delicious cookies from best bakers named as Bing Liang Bakery in Singapore. 

Kueh lapis

Kind of staple at every home kueh lapis is a cake made up from high-grade butter and premium quality ingredients like sugar, condensed milk, and flour. The cake is served and loved on New Year as well as on normal days too. It is moist, buttery and sweet traditional cake which is served plain and in small slices. But nowadays new assorted ingredients like prune and chocolates are introduced which make it more desired and loved by people of Singapore.

 Love letters to satisfy your taste buds

Give a sweet and lovable start to this New Year and try love letters to satisfy your taste buds. Love letters are kind of wafer biscuits which have a long history. Like the love letters rolled into snacks and sent through messenger pigeons to avoid suspicion of authorities by lovers, hundred years ago. These famous wafer biscuits are made up of egg, butter, and sugar. Commonly sold on bakeries and supermarkets, nowadays are available with different fillings and twists like chocolate, black sesame, strawberry and more. But be aware these appetizingly crisp and fragranced sweet is very addictive you won’t just stop at one.

Pineapple Tart

The pineapple tart is buttery and crumbly, one of the most popular Chinese New Year snacks. The tart is the perfect combo of salty-crumbly pastry and sweet pineapple jam which is small enough to be eaten in a single swig. Once you taste this flaky pastry with not so sweet pineapple jam makes you feel addictive to it. It is mostly available in a rectangular and round shape. Like Kueh bangkit in Singapore, you can also buy the pineapple tart from the same bakery for best and fresh textured tart made up of homemade and handmade crusts and pineapple jam flavours. So go and try yummy pineapple tart this New Year and also amaze your guests.

Nian Gao

Nian Gao is a unique festive treat and the symbol of increasing prosperity throughout the year. One can find this rich and luscious delicacy in Singapore mostly at the time of New Year. It is prepared from glutinous rice mix. This sweet and sticky cake is sliced into small pieces, dipped in egg batter and deep-fried or steamed. The sticky sweet cake is a kind of offering to Kitchen God so that he can’t criticize the family in front of Jade Emperor.  Each cake slice is sold with the word ‘prosperity’ inscribed upon it in Chinese. It is also known as a rice cake. For making it more delightful new flavours are introduced to the basic recipe which rewards your taste buds with sweetness and flavour all in one bite.

Bak Kwa

Include Bak Kwa in your must-try goodies list this year. Also known as Rou Gan this food is prepared from barbequed meat slices. It is traditionally made from pork, beef, mutton, spices, and addictive sweetness. The meat used in minced form results in softer, thinner and sweeter Bak Kwa and if used as thinly sliced then you get a little harder, chewier and more flavour blast in your mouth. The slices are available in the round as well as square shape. As this is a famous New Year food of Singapore, you should try this at least once.

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