Hilton Singapore D9 Cakery Launches Paris & Tokyo Inspired Creations

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Known for its impressive six-metre long glass showcase of artisanal desserts, Hilton Singapore D9 Cakery has launched a new dessert collection by Executive Pastry Chef Cindy Khoo. The unique collection is inspired by the two cities closest to her heart – Paris and Tokyo. Customers can expect whole cakes, French pastries, bonbons, and more from Khoo’s debut range.

Hilton Singapore D9 Cakery – Chef Cindy’s Inspirations

“Every pastry chef dreams of living in Paris – you’re surrounded by impeccable treats everywhere you go,” says Khoo. “I fell in love with the city during my first visit, over a decade ago now, and have continued to be inspired by its energy, sophistication, and charm. It’s the same in Tokyo – a place that’s vibrant, colourful and brimming with its own energy and culture. My new collection is a homage to the artisanal desserts, techniques and ingredients of both cities and I’m excited to have the chance to showcase these cities through my desserts.” We were thrilled to have a chance to also see her in action.

Khoo began her pastry career in 2011 and at 27 years old, is one of Hilton’s youngest Executive Pastry Chefs. She has been with Hilton Singapore since 2015 and previously held tenure at various luxury hotels locally. Her core collection is an insight into her creative philosophy that focuses on adapting unique flavours and textures to the local palate for a lighter, more refreshing dessert, while not compromising on form and detail.

Hilton Singapore D9 Cakery – Highlights

Delectable selections from her Hilton Singapore D9 Cakery Collection include:

1. The Royal Hazel:

It featured rich Gianduja combined with premium Valrhona chocolate mixed between layers of crispy feuilletine. The dessert features a majestic gold chocolate top that reflects the gentle splashes of water as it catches the morning sun, inspired by the Fontaines de la Concorde, two monumental fountains located in the Place de la Concorde at the heart of Paris.

2. The Forest

An elevated Black Forest with 70% dark Guanaja chocolate sponge topped with Kirsch-soaked Morello cherries folded into light French Chantilly cream.

3. The Citron

A perfect combination of sweet and tart, with creamy lemon curd poured over French meringue, gently torched and laid over a buttery sweet crust pastry.

Those that appreciate the technique de pâtisserie française (French pastry technique) but are in the mood for lighter Japanese flavours can go for the following selections:

4. Fraise

A piece of edible art that is made up of a layer of delicate Opalys white chocolate topped with fresh strawberries concealing a fluffy yellow sponge made from Japanese flour and a filling of Chantilly cream dotted with fresh strawberries.

5. Ma-Chakura Azuki

A cheeky name for a multi-layer dream of matcha joconde sponge, matcha-infused mousse and sakura flower crémeux, designed to mimic the gentle folds of the Geisha’s kimono and obi.

6. Belle

A homage to fresh spring, is a mint green pillow of crispy streusel – made from ground, lightly roasted pistachio – layered with fragrant bergamot crémeux and Bavarian coconut cream.

7. Walnut Peak Tarte

A handmade tart shell baked with caramelised walnuts and pecans where the nuts are fully integrated into the pastry for a more textured mouthfeel – with candied almond nibs for a bittersweet finish.

A number of whole cakes will be available in mini versions along with other petite delights including:

8. Pomme

An Instagram-worthy apple-shaped dessert which features lightly whipped green apple-infused cream layered over a compote of crisp green apple and aromatic dill.

9. French classic Paris Brest Hazelnut

which gets an update in the form of a hazelnut praline and caramel whipped cream filling, topped with an intricate chocolate swirl perched jauntily on the side like a beret and finished with a sprinkling of gold powder

10. Cassis Puffy

An airy choux puff filled with rich cassis crémeux that pulls apart to reveal a Jivara milk chocolate-coated cassis marshmallow for a fun surprise.

The new collection is available now and will be sold alongside Hilton Singapore’s signature 45- year old recipe cheesecakes and other loaf cakes.

Nine new selections of macarons inspired by popular chocolate bar flavours and an assortment of bonbons such as Oolong-Caramel, a confit of oolong tea with a creamy golden caramel ganache, and Espresso – a combination of a delicate hand-dripped espresso jelly covered in a rich, 72% dark chocolate ganache – will also be available at Hilton Singapore D9 Cakery.

Hilton Singapore D9 Cakery

Address: Lobby Level, Hilton Singapore 581 Orchard Road, Singapore 238883 | Opening Hours: 9.30am to 9.30pm (Daily) | Tel: +65 6730 3392 | Email: [email protected]

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