A Guide To Making The Most Out Of A Holiday In Myanmar

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Formerly known as Burma, Myanmar was for many years, a British colonial conquest, which has left imprints on the nation, specifically with architecture. If you are planning to visit Myanmar in the near future, here are a few tips and suggestions to help you get the best out of your holiday experience.

Understanding Rural Myanmar

It is important to understand the narrow exposure that rural people have had to the west, and for many, life has remained unchanged for centuries, and when taking photos of local people, it is always nice to ask permission first. The farming community are very curious about modern life in the west, and they are generally very hospitable towards foreigners. As you would in any foreign land, treat the local customs and culture with respect, and having your own guide will prove to be invaluable, especially when talking with local farmers.

Choose a Luxury Tailored Tour

Myanmar is a vast country, and rather than taking your chances, it is wiser to plan your holiday with the inspiring Myanmar luxury tours tailored by Exotic Voyages. With an English-speaking guide who is with you for the duration of your stay, you will gain an incredible insight into the people and their culture. You might like to spend some time with a rural community, deep in the jungle, and, of course, a week at a premier beach resort simply must be experienced.

Off The Beaten Track Tours

If you are the kind of person who likes to immerse yourself in a strange culture, booking an off-the-beaten-track tour is for you. You can experience the farmer’s lifestyle in Bagan, where people work the land amongst locally built monuments, and what’s more, you can float above the pristine natural beauty in a hot air balloon. This two-week trek will take you to many amazing locations, where you can experience rural life at its very best!

Perfect Honeymoon Destination

Myanmar has built a reputation as being a great honeymoon destination, with 5-star beach resorts and some amazing places to see and experience. You can customise your tour, and with a local guide at your side, you and your partner will gain valuable insight into the wonderful land of Myanmar.

The Essentially Burmese Tour

This trip takes 8 days to complete, and involves visiting gilded pagodas in Yangon, and viewing many temples in Bagan from the vantage point of a hot air balloon. You will see the largest teak bridge in the world that sits in Mandalay, a mysterious place that has long been the focus of movies. The best part of such a tour is having a knowledgeable local guide who speaks perfect English, which allows you so much scope when looking for things to see and do.

If you search online for an established tailored tours operator, their website would be packed with information about holidaying in Myanmar, including the best times to visit, plus useful things to pack. The tour operator would be happy to customise the tour to suit, which means you can get the most out of what will be a truly unforgettable holiday.

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