Must Do Activities In Singapore

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In this megacity, you can take use of both urban and natural attractions. The city’s hectic pace may be seen by perusing the designer shops on Orchard Road or the busy booths in Little India. The Singapore Botanic Gardens and Gardens by the Bay, on the other hand, will be a breath of fresh air. Go to Sentosa, an island that is home to Universal Studios Singapore, beaches, golf courses, and upscale resorts, if you want a playground for both adults and children. Say goodbye to the city from the pinnacle of the Singapore Flyer or in the well-known Merlion Park on Marina Bay to round off your journey.

Adventure Cove Park

You can observe some marine life at Adventure Cove because it is home to Southeast Asia’s first hydro-magnetic coaster and is located near to the S.E.A. Aquarium. Additionally, we absolutely adore snorkelling with 20,000 marine fish. A relaxing float down the Adventure River, rapid and exciting rides, and getting splashed and certainly wet at Adventure Cove are all to be expected. There are 15 segments in Adventure Cove, and we’ll walk you through most of them while providing pro suggestions. Given its popularity, start lining up around 9.45 am although the water park doesn’t open until 10 am. We recently encountered lengthy lines, maybe as a result of safety precautions and holiday visitors, especially at famous

As you enter the park, the restrooms and lockers are on your left, and Reef N Wave Wear is on your right. Do walk inside the park to the lockers located beside Dueling Racer as it is less crowded and has facilities nearby before deciding to rent a locker — little ones are $10 per day and larger ones are $20 per day with unrestricted access. Bring a waterproof pouch to keep your masks, water bottles, and other necessities since you won’t need to wear them unless you’re waiting in line for food and drinks. The park’s water slides are located in the centre; there are weight and height restrictions.

Only 50 persons can enter Bluwater Bay at any given time due to the bay’s large throng and line. We strongly advise making a beeline as soon as you enter. Alternatively, you might go to the far end of the park, where Splashworks and Rainbow Reef are. Splashworks and Rainbow Reef had distinct hours of operation at the time of the visit. As a result, plan to get to Rainbow Reef before it closes at 1.30 p.m. Due to SMM, lines often developed to limit the amount of people in one place. Therefore, it would be preferable to prioritise well-liked rides like Rainbow Reef, Bluwater Bay, and Riptide Rocket with adventure cove waterpark tickets.

Singapore Duck tour

Singapore, therefore it must be different. Ever hear of a vehicle that could go on both land and water? No? Get on board this acclaimed original duck tour Singapore, which departs from Suntec City in a repurposed WWII vehicle from Vietnam and travels through the historic Civic District before diving into the harbour and swimming off like a duck for a spellbinding harbour tour that brings you to the stunning and iconic Marina Bay in Singapore. Gardens by the Bay, Marina Bay Sands, the Esplanade Theatre, and the imposing Merlion can all be seen as you cruise along the Marina Bay and take in views of the bustling urban metropolis skyline. Your journey is not over yet! You sway back on the ground as you pass the Singapore Flyer and enter the Civic District, where you can explore the fascinating history of the WWII events. This 60-minute journey concludes with Suntec City’s Fountain of Wealth, the largest water feature in the world, which offers yet another breathtaking panorama.


Zorbing is a pastime that combines fun, excitement, and the sensation of being a child once more. In fact, the activity gives you the impression that you are an astronaut defying gravity, thus the description is not yet complete. Scared? Don’t be, though! One of the most risk-free adventure activities that is also easy to complete is this one. You’ll be rolled down a grassy hill inside a huge, transparent ball called a zorb. You may try to stand up within the ball, but all you would manage to accomplish is end up with your head and toes pointed upward.


Do you enjoy the pleasure of spending time with your family while relaxing in a setting graced by the beauty of nature? And what if you provide some recently caught fresh food to go along with that? Well, this Singapore location is ideal for you and offers a wonderful fishing experience. Numerous people flock to Singapore’s Yishun Dam to engage in the reviving sport of fishing. Some people come alone to sit by the river and enjoy the pleasures of finding a catch and cooking it afterwards, while others come with their families to enjoy a family day out fishing.

Reverse Bungy Jumping

Clarke Quay in Singapore offers a special experience for everyone with a sense of adventure. Reverse bungee is the name given to it. This adventure may or may not have come to your attention, but there is little doubt that it is not for the timid. It is an exciting activity that allows you to feel gravitational force similar to a rocket launch. Therefore, those of you who may have dreamed of becoming astronauts as children might partially realise that goal at Clarke Quay. At a speed of 200 km/h, you actually manage to ascend to a height of 60 metres.

Singapore Zoo

One of the most unique and unusual collections of animals on the planet may be found in Singapore. The Singapore Zoo, which spans over 26 hectares of a beautiful rainforest, has an open design that lets you experience a zoo unlike any other while also ensuring visitor safety. Species are allowed lots of room in their natural habitat, which makes for a compassionate and utterly enthralling viewing experience. Smaller primate species live in the Great Rift Valley, which has a genuine flowing waterfall, while larger monkeys can be seen in the Primate Kingdom area.

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