Surrey Hills Grocer Christmas 2023: Bond Over A Special Menu

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Embrace the enchanting spirit of the holiday season with loved ones by your side as Surrey Hills Grocer, Singapore’s authentic Australian destination grocer and café, adds a touch of joy to your festive celebrations with its all-new Christmas menu, featuring an array of mains, dessert and festive drinks that will make your Yuletide gatherings extra special.

Indulge in the harmonious blend of sweet and savoury with the Pineapple Glaze Gammon Ham (SGD24). This mouthwatering dish features succulent smoked gammon ham, bathed in a generous glazed of sweet and tangy pineapple infusion. Accompanied by roasted Brussel sprouts, butternut squash, crispy kale, and delightful burst of pomegranate, it’s a symphony of flavours that will make your taste bud sing, and a Christmas delight you won’t want to miss!

For cheese aficionados, the Baked Truffle Cheese (SGD24) is a true culinary masterpiece. The velvety baked truffle brie, oozing with irresistible richness, is perfectly paired with chilli honey for that subtle kick. Complemented by macadamia nuts, garlic croutons, maple thyme plums, and topped with fresh greens, this dish is a cheese lovers’ dream come true.

The Christmas Roasted Salmon (SGD34) shines as a delectable option destined to captivate seafood lovers.  Discover the gorgeous blend of flavours as the baked salmon meets a Christmas tapenade, adorned with a sumptuous herb cream cheese dressing, and enhanced with the satisfying crunch of roasted carrots.

Desserts are the heart of any celebration, and Surrey Hill presents its Christmas special – PB&J Chocolate Log Cake (SGD16) – a delightful dessert treat that’s full of holiday cheer! Imagine layers of peanut butter cream and raspberry jam sandwiched between decadent chocolate fudge cake. Topped with dark chocolate sauce, raspberry coulis, chocolate tuile, chocolate crème Chantilly, and complete with a side of vanilla ice cream, it’s the sweetest way to wrap up your Christmas feast!

Elevate your merrymaking with Surrey Hill’s exclusive festive drinks. Allow the warmth of the holiday season to envelop you while savouring the Fireside Spiced Apple Cocktail (SGS25). A concoction of local herb apple tea and black tears spice rum, garnished with fresh apple slices, this drink is like a warm, cosy Christmas hug in a glass!

For those seeking a non-alcoholic option, the Tropical Mistletoe Mocktail (SGD10) is the perfect choice. The refreshing blend of pineapple and cranberry juice, hibiscus tea, and red Fuji apple, is a sip of pure Christmas magic.

The Christmas menu is now available at the Surrey Hills ION and Raffles City outlets, and will soon grace the Surrey Hills Woodleigh outlet in December 2023.

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