Singapore’s Keong Saik neighbourhood will have a new social heartbeat with the opening of the new 45-room Hotel Soloha Singapore. Celebrating Singapore’s local heritage and embodying the spirit of the jungle, this boutique hotel is strategically located in Chinatown’s heritage and cultural epicentre. Designed by interior design firm Avalon Collective and architect ASOLIDPLAN, the hotel also features artworks by local artists, Ethrisha Liaw and Danielle Tay at its hotel lobby, lift-shaft and rooms.

Hotel Soloha Singapore – Smack Right In Singapore’s Heritage & Cultural Epicentres

Keong Saik, one of Singapore’s heritage and cultural epicentres, retains the beauty of yesteryear Singapore with its rows of shophouses across a network of roads. Today, it is home to a good number of bars, restaurants and shops, making it a destination that is layered with culture, gastronomy, energy and personality.

Cruising along Keong Saik Road and Teck Lim Road, one is immediately transported to a magical space as one traverses the blue panel doors of Hotel Soloha Singapore. Culturemaker and tastemaker Hotel Soloha’s entry to the area contributes to that spirit of Keong Saik and strengthens it – it is a breath of fresh air and the neighbourhood’s new social heartbeat.

Hotel Soloha Singapore – Designer Interiors & Artisan Furnishings

Hotel Soloha Singapore aims to create a destination hotel that not only fits into Keong Saik’s charming self but is also a modern interpretation of a Singapore that is bold, stylish and cultured. You won’t find a single metal grille gate or repurposed cinema seat here. Instead, the team, exposed to the ways of cosmopolitan Singapore through the years, has internalised Singapore’s culture; that has informed the way they conceptualise and design the property’s interiors and spaces.

Together with the curated tropical and forest-inspired artwork designed by local artists, and artisan furnishings, the boutique hotel becomes your window to what the Keong Saik neighbourhood and Singapore have to offer. These Dokodemo Doors of Fantasy reveal a world urban jungle chic and tropical modernism splashed in amazing technicolour.

Witty and bold interiors, artisanal furnishings, underscored by a cool vibe, Hotel Soloha Singapore’s burst of colour is a stark contrast to the earthy tones that define the neighbourhood. The property also stocks a curated selection of artisanal products that are perfect as souvenirs and fit well in cabin baggage. 

Hotel Soloha Singapore – Rooms With Simple Luxury In Mind

Upfront and personal, their rooms are designed with simple luxury in mind. High-end sanitary wares, plush-comfy beds, and ambient lighting scenes are catered in every room for our guests to refresh, recharge, and rejuvenate. Housed within the confines of historical shophouses, our rooms offer modern comfort in a quaint conservation setting, complete with trendy social spaces for networking or mingling.

Hotel Soloha Singapore – Reserve Your Room Now

Address: 12 Teck Lim Road, Singapore 088387 | Tel: +65 6222 8881 | Website: | Instagram: @hotelsoloha | Facebook: hotelsoloha

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