Janice Wong Mooncakes 2023: Expressive Mid-Autumn Creations

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With Mid-Autumn festivities on the horizon, Janice Wong Singapore is proud to announce that the Janice Wong Mooncake 2023 Collection is now live for pre-orders. Packaged in a custom-designed lantern or metallic tin for a gift that is at once whimsical, reusable, and nostalgic, this year’s collection revolves around 3 product themes – Childhood Memories (Chocolate), Japan-inspired (Baked), and Floral (Snowskin) for a varied expression of mooncakes with artistic flourishes.

Janice Wong Mooncakes 2023 Childhood Memories: Signature Chocolate Mooncakes 

As a confectionery brand synonymous with chocolates, it goes without saying that Janice Wong will be bringing back their Signature Chocolate Mooncakes. Themed “Childhood Memories” as a capture of familiar flavours that most grew up with, this set of Chocolate Mooncakes (S$105 for 8 pieces) features flavours like Peanut Butter Snickers, Salted Pecan Dark Chocolate, Vanilla Biscoff and Coffee Chocolate. A wondrous array of colours with hand-dripped splatters, each piece reveals a chocolate ganache centre whipped with elements that do not correspond to its outer shell for a delightful surprise.

Janice Wong Mooncakes 2023: Japan-inspired Baked Creations

Changing up the visuals of baked mooncakes, typically in golden-brown shells, are four varieties of Japan-Inspired Baked Mooncakes (S$105 for 8 pieces). This year’s baked mooncakes focus on profiles one would commonly taste along festival streets, albeit with a modern twist. Hinted by the colour of its crust are Kuromitsu Sea Salt that balances black sugar with a touch of saltiness, Kinako Macadamia for a warm and nutty bite, alongside Raspberry Almond with Azuki paste and a Pistachio with green tea bean paste.

Janice Wong Mooncakes 2023: Floral Snowskin Delights 

Intended as a delicate contrast to indulgent chocolate and baked variants are the Floral themed Snowskin Mooncakes (S$50 for 4 pieces). Presented in a pastel palette, flavours include Rose with actual petals folded in, an oriental-forward Osmanthus Figs, Jasmine tea-infused filling and Lavender Apricot. Finished minimally with refined touches, Janice Wong’s snowskin mooncakes are best enjoyed over a spot of tea with friends or family. This collection comes in a reusable tin container designed with Janice Wong’s signature colour brush strokes.

Janice Wong Mooncakes 2023: Packaging With Re-usable Purpose

To give customers and fans the choice of exploring flavours, the Chocolate Mooncakes will be sold in two gifting formats. The first option – the Two-Piece Set (S$22) – packs pieces in an old-school red tin depicting rabbits against a glowing moon.

For a grander gesture, those looking to gift a thoughtful surprise to loved ones or business partners can do so with purchases of eight mooncakes. Intricately designed with a purpose to serve beyond its packaging function, the Janice Wong Lantern Mooncake Box (S$105) houses two individual components – a removable tower of four drawers that slide to reveal two mooncakes each, and a lantern cage with a loop handle. Flanked with geometric cut-outs, use the lantern during your Mid-Autumn night strolls by placing a candle inside, while the tower can be repurposed as a trinkets drawer for your treasured objects.

Janice Wong Singapore’s Mooncake Collection 2023 is now live for pre-orders, with early-bird specials at 25% off from now to 31st August, and subsequently 10% off from 1st – 15th September. For orders or enquiries, please visit https://janicewong.online/ or email [email protected].

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