Kin Hoi Singapore – Fresh Shellfish In Good, Authentic Thai Flavour

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It’s no secret that Singapore is thriving as a vibrant startup hub in the region and on the global stage with over a total of 13 thousand food and beverages establishments in Singapore in 2019. However, starting a business and becoming an entrepreneur isn’t a bed of roses. To put aside a stable, well-paying job to pursue a dream in an unknown territory comes with many unprecedented situations. The path to success is indeed a roller coaster ride with many ups and downs where the rise and fall define our journey. Amidst the many success stories that we have heard, Kin Hoi Singapore stood out among the rest.

Kin Hoi Singapore – The Origins

Enter Daniel Teo, Founder of Kin Hoi, who took the plunge and turned his life a 180-degree around. Growing up, Daniel was met with many uncertainties and doubts from the people around him. When he was accepted into the flying training school in the Republic of Singapore Air Force (RSAF), no one believed a guy like him would have what it takes to soar successfully. Through his experiences, he cultivated an unyielding, self-driven spirit where he believes that if he sets his mind on something, he can definitely achieve it.

Started out as an e-commerce business, Kin Hoi (Kin, translates to ‘eat’ and Hoi translates to ‘shellfish’ in Thai) is the brainchild of co-founders Daniel Teo and Atchara Nimnuan, who wish to share good, authentic Thai flavour coupled with fresh shellfish and other delicacies with fellow Singaporeans. Previously in the corporate world, Daniel had no knowledge of the F&B business nor entrepreneurship.

While many of us would be stumped by this, Daniel was more motivated to turn his dream into a reality. Taking things in his stride, he pursued Sustainable Business in Harvard University through online courses and obtained his Certification for Sustainable Business Strategy on top of his Certification for Negotiation Strategies from Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy Executive Education.

Kin Hoi Singapore – The Journey Thus Far

To add on to his remarkable achievement, the business itself has grown from just selling 10 kilograms of shellfish per month to about 3 tonnes per month in a span of one year. Nestled in Holland Close and Toa Payoh, these eye-catching stalls have many locals flocking for the delectable Thai cuisine. Kin Hoi has even garnered praises from renowned food guru K.F. See Toh of Makansutra.

With Daniel’s strong determination and tenacity, Kin Hoi is well on its way to spread scrumptious, authentic Thai food across Singapore and is sure to warm the cockles of your heart. Fans of their chilli sauce can soon brace themselves for Kin Hoi’s upcoming launch of its bottled versions, so they can enjoy the spicy condiment anytime at home. Check them out at

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