Marina Bay Sands Mooncakes 2021 – Artisanal Creations & Tea Pairing

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Reunite with loved ones over a classic pairing of artisanal mooncakes and fine tea with Marina Bay Sands Mooncakes 2021 brand-new Mid-Autumn offerings. Led by executive pastry chef Antonio Benites, the integrated resort’s pastry team celebrates the time-honoured artistry of traditional mooncakes through three delicate flavours, thoughtfully crafted using all-natural, premium ingredients. Available for pre-orders starting 6 August, each set consists of two elegant tea-infuser tumblers filled with eight mini baked mooncakes and two tins of Imperial Pu-Erh tea leaves.

Christine-Kaelbel Sheares, Vice President of Food and Beverage, Marina Bay Sands, said, “The Mid-Autumn Festival is a celebration of family ties and kinship. This year, we want to embrace tradition by bringing back nostalgic flavours and enduring qualities of the classic pastry. Each mooncake is a labour of love, handcrafted to perfection using old-style methods, and best savoured with our handpicked tea.”

“With sustainability always at the top of our minds, we came up with an idea to customise our mooncakes so that they can fit into these tea-infuser tumblers. We want our guests to be able to reuse them as mementos as they enjoy their favourite beverages on the go.”

Inspired by nature and the desire to explore the world, Marina Bay Sands’ mooncakes will surprise and delight everyone. Uniquely presented within two reusable stainless steel and double-walled glass tea-infuser tumblers, they make perfect gifts for family and friends. The eco-friendly box also comes with a ribbon handle, which omits the use of any additional plastic carrier.

Marina Bay Sands Mooncakes 2021 – Handcrafted Artisanal Mooncakes

Marrying traditional Cantonese-style baking techniques with wellness ingredients such as manuka honey, nutrient-rich seeds, and house-made low-sugar paste, Chef Antonio and his team of 30 pastry chefs present three luscious mooncake flavours baked in small batches daily to ensure maximum freshness and quality.

The low sugar lotus paste with melon seeds mooncake (低糖莲蓉瓜子月饼) is starred by a pure, velvety lotus seed paste – the bitter core of each lotus seed is meticulously removed by hand, before they are stewed for hours, puréed, and skillfully caramelised to achieve a mild level of natural sweetness. The lotus seed paste is then mixed with melon seeds for an added crunch.

Another fragrant treat is the premium pandan with melon seeds mooncake (优质香兰瓜子月饼), featuring a lotus paste lightly infused with freshly squeezed pandan juice and combined with melon seeds.

A reinvention of Teochew-style yam mooncakes, the yam and lotus paste with salted egg yolk mooncake (香芋莲蓉咸蛋黄月饼) comprises a premium-grade salted egg yolk dipped in Chinese wine, enveloped in a smooth blend of steamed yam and house-made lotus seed paste.

All three mooncakes are encased in a Cantonese-style dough which incorporates Hong Kong flour and grapeseed oil, elevated with manuka honey for a well-balanced taste and texture. Each mooncake is embossed with a unique floral emblem and baked to golden brown perfection. You are advised to store the mooncakes at air-conditioned room temperature and to consume them within five days.

Marina Bay Sands Mooncakes 2021 – Savour With Exceptional Tea Pairing

This year, Marina Bay Sands has teamed up with luxury tea brand TWG Tea to present the Imperial Pu-Erh as the perfect accompaniment for its mooncake delicacies. This fresh, young pu-erh tea boasts a light and delicate aroma, and when infused, yields a distinct, rich and earthy flavour that complements the sweet treats.

Priced at S$88 nett, each box comes with two tea-infuser tumblers filled with two tins of Imperial Pu-Erh tea leaves and eight mini mooncakes: four pieces of low sugar lotus paste with melon seeds mooncake, two pieces of premium pandan with melon seeds mooncake, and two pieces of yam and lotus paste with salted egg yolk mooncake.

Marina Bay Sands Mooncakes 2021 – Order Now

From 6 August until 24 August, you can pre-order online and enjoy a 25 per cent early bird discount. From 25 August to 21 September, the mooncakes will be available for collection and in-store purchase4 at Origin + Bloom, located at Marina Bay Sands Hotel Lobby Tower 3. During this period, Sands Rewards LifeStyle members can also enjoy a 20 per cent discount, along with 10 per cent earnings.

Bulk order discounts are also available for orders of more than 50 boxes. For more details, please visit or call 6688 8588.

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