Jurassic Mile Singapore – Book Your Face-to-face With Giant Dinosaurs

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Wondering what to do this year-end holiday? Make Jurassic Mile Singapore one of your #SingapoRediscover plans. The newest and largest permanent outdoor display of life-sized dinosaurs, you and your loved ones can expect to see over 20 different pre-historic creatures from nine different species stretch over 1-kilometre of the cycling and jogging path. From a towering Tyrannosaurus Rex to gigantic dinosaur eggs, get ready to be wowed by the lifelike dinosaur exhibits. Read our experience to be adequately prepared for your adventure!

Jurassic Mile Singapore – How To Get There

There are 2 directional options you can choose from to explore Jurassic Mile Singapore – from Changi Airport or East Coast Park.

If you are driving, the most convenient way to start your visit is to park at Carpark 4A at Changi Airport Terminal 4. For folks who are on private hire vehicles or taxis, you can drop off at HUB & SPOKE and travel to Jurassic Mile on foot or by cycling (rent a bicycle from GoCycling at HUB & SPOKE). Otherwise, you can come in from East Coast Park via the Changi Coastal Park Connector like us! The landmark to search for would be MOE Changi Coast Outdoor Adventure Learning Centre / Sea Sports Centre.

From here, there will be loads of adorable dinosaur directional signages along the way to make sure you are on the right track.

Jurassic Mile Singapore – Welcome To The Entrance

The protective Pterodactyl is the iconic guardian to Jurassic Mile Singapore entrance. You will also be greeted with a huge tyrannosaur head that emerged from a cracked wall with a stern ‘Dinosaur Enclosure Caution’ sign. In case you were wondering, the entrance set up is the same, no matter which entry point you are visiting from.

Jurassic Mile Singapore – The Adventure Begins

Referring to the map before we begin, you can see how the dinosaurs are divided into different clusters based on whether they are Herbivores, Predatory, Flying and even Defensive dinosaurs. At this point, we recommend that you put away your earphones and immerse yourself in the sound of the wild created to enhance your sensory experience.

We will be showing you the dinosaurs in sequence from East Coast Park to Changi Airport. The first dinosaur to greet you will be the majestic Brachiosaurus. With its great length, even the iPhone 11 with its wide-angle lenses could not adequately capture the beast in its totality.

This beginning stretch of the Jurassic Mile Singapore is a lot more calming on the nerves as it features the gentler herbivorous dinosaurs. Parasaurolophus comes right after Brachiosaurus.

My personal childhood favourite Stegosaurus was next to be featured, not exactly sure why it had a red flag in its jaws.

As you continue to follow the clawed foot tracks,

remember to look up! You will be able to catch baby pterodactyls perched on top of the fence.

During our initial visit, we missed the Apatosaurus as it blended really well with its surroundings. It was sighted only during our return ride from the airport.

You know you are in the predatory dinosaur zone when you see this bad boy. The real killer is the long line for a shot with this beast.

Next, you will see the famous baby T-rex who lost some of its teeth due to some of the mischievous visitors. Glad we managed to capture it before the teeth were lost.

Before we leave the predatory dinosaurs zone, we need to sneak past 3 velociraptors who were hot on the scent of the human who last drove the club car.

You know you are at the defensive dinosaurs zone when you spotted the tanky Ankylosaurs

If you wish to find out more about the dinosaur you just saw, informative boards are made available in its immediate vicinity for quick facts. This is particularly useful for parents who are bringing their children on an educational walk.

The last dinosaur you will meet before the airport would be the Triceratop with its menacing horns.

Jurassic Mile Singapore – Continue To The Airport

Once past the last dinosaur exhibit, there will be a sign notifying you to slow down your bicycle (if you are riding one) as you head over to the airport.

The red track and clear signages to the airport are very easy to follow. We never could imagine cycling within the airport terminals hence we welcomed the opportunity to explore the space on wheels. However, the closed terminals as a result of the pandemic gave a solemn and slightly dispiriting note to the ride.

Jurassic Mile Singapore – End Off With A Hearty Breakfast

We ended our ride with a filling breakfast at HUB & SPOKE Cafe. The ambience is very casual with lots of space for you to park your bicycles while enjoying your coffee. Folks should be pretty famished by the time they reach here from the walking and cycling. Nothing fanciful, if we are not visiting the Jurassic Mile Singapore, we probably would not make a deliberate trip down just for the cafe food.

Jurassic Mile Singapore – Plan Your Visit

We hope you find our walkthrough useful. It is important to plan your visit particularly on the weather and the expected crowd. The path is open 24 hours to the public and entry is free. However, for Fridays and weekends when high traffic is expected, you must make a booking in advance before allowed entry into Jurassic Mile Singapore. This is to ensure safe distancing for all visitors from 9am to 12am. Make your online booking here to secure your visit. For the best enjoyment of the experience with your loved ones, we recommend visiting in the morning between Monday – Thursday.

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