How To Decorate Your Living Room Wall With Low Budget Wall Stickers

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Sometimes we forget how important it is to live in a beautiful place and enjoy watching decorations and artwork. As our bodies, our soul has to inhale positivism to think and function well. Wall stickers for living rooms are a creative and low-priced solution to give your spot a fresh start. And you can always use other decorations with them to make them look alive! Here is a simple and handy guide to decorating your living room with simple things like a living room wall decal and some low-price decorations.

Things You Will and May Need

Things you will need:

  • Budget& Plan.
  • Perfect Spot.
  • Wall stickers for living room. 
  • Cotton Towel.
  • White Lamp.
  • Pencil & Ruler.
  • Gloves.

Things you may need:

  • Sharp paper cutter.
  • Driller & Nails.
  • Soap & Water.
  • Piece of Sponge.
  • Other Decorations.

Think It Over, Plan It Well

We are on a low budget, so there is a narrow margin for errors. It is always better to know how to finish everything before starting it. Think about your living room and the goal of your decorations. Do you want it to have a character? Do you want to make it characterized by a specific color or style? Do you want to fill an empty wall? Think well and define your goals. And then think it over.

Secondly, you want to set your budget. If you have a good plan, you must have already figured out everything you need. Make sure that your budget can buy you everything to avoid unfinished work.

Prepare Your Tools 

Time for an exciting step. Prepare everything listed in things you may need. You already have everything you need. You will only need to buy the living room wall decal. It is available in many styles and prices in all online & offline markets. Just make sure that its size will cover your spot. And that its material is compatible with your wall/objects.

And if you are using other decorations, make sure to use decorations of substances that are friendly and compatible with your designs.

Prepare Your Spot

The final stage of preparations. You want your wall ready for the new living room wall decal. It has to be clean with no dust, cracks, dirt, or anything disturbing the surface. You can always use soap and water on a sponge to clean hard dirt. And be sure that the wall is dry.

If you are interfering with any electrical cables or sockets, and if you are using another decoration than wall stickers for living rooms, you will need to arrange your steps.

The last step of wall preparation would be marking the location of the living room wall decal with a pencil and a ruler for perfect alignment. Try to use the help of someone else’s eyes while marking because your eyes angels can’t get if there is any misplacement while you are hanging it with your hands.

Place Wall Stickers in Living Room

Give your wall one last look. Make sure that your surface is clean and smooth. Use a cotton towel to give it one final swipe. Follow this simple rule to have the best result. (Uncover – Press – Uncover more).

  • The incorrect way to do it:

You can’t uncover all of the stickers before placing them on the wall because they will catch dirt and dust. And it may stick to something then your wall.

  • The correct way to do it:

Uncover only a vertical/horizontal part from your sticker. It should be barely enough for you to start sticking it to the wall. Then press this part well with your ruler to empty any air between the wall and the sticker. Finally, Uncover more area, Press it, Uncover more, etc. This website  has more installing instructions on the guide page. Or you could wikihow page.

Test & Finalize 

Give your walla one last look. Make sure that your sticker is placed perfectly before moving the back cover. Use the help of a bright lamp to detect any gaps or air fillings in the sticker. Press it with your ruler to adjust as much as you can. Then finally, remove the back cover, and enjoy the scene. Good Job!

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