La Kopi 2019 – Unite Traditional Kopi Folks With Modern Coffee Lovers

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The inaugural heritage-driven coffee consumer festival, La Kopi 2019 is a fun-filled weekend designed to raise awareness and appreciation of Singapore Coffee and Bakeries, with the support of its host, the Singapore Coffee Association. The one-of-a-kind coffee festival will be held at Singapore Expo Hall from 25 January to 27 January 2019 and occupies 4,000 sqm with almost 70 vendors in attendance with some even hailing from Japan, Taiwan, Malaysia and Hong Kong.

La Kopi 2019 – Unite Traditions With Modern

Do you prefer a kopi or a flat white? How about some kuehs to go with that or are croissants more up your alley? When someone asks you out to la kopi, they mean to catch up with you over a simple cup of coffee. From traditional coffee to specialty coffee, Singaporeans love a good brew, so much so we came up with shorthands to order coffee that suits a myriad of preferences.

La Kopi is the event where you can catch up with family and friends over a cup of kopi o or handcrafted pour-over coffee, and kuehs or pastries, whichever combination you prefer, to enjoy the best of both worlds.

With La Kopi 2019, you won’t have to choose as it unites the traditional and modern. With good old coffee and desserts available, this is the event to be at with your favouritest people where you can expect real good food with real good company!

There will be plenty of hands-on activities and events as well as a variety of local and foreign coffee roasters and accompanying food products available. These provide friends and families opportunities to chill, have a cuppa, educate and enrich themselves on the coffee industry and to bond and build a sense of community.

La Kopi 2019 – First Live Barista Competition @ Coffee Festival

La Kopi will also be the first local coffee consumer festival to host a live barista competition sanctioned by the World Coffee Events. Witness the heated contest between the hottest talents amongst baristas in Singapore as they compete to extract the perfect cup of espresso and brew the most flavorful coffee. Coffee enthusiasts will be sure to enjoy this showcase of skill and talent in the annual Singapore National Barista Championship 2019 and Singapore National Brewers Cup 2019.

By exposing Singaporeans to the competitive side of brewing the perfect cup of coffee, they get to witness the process of making espresso and brewed coffee, the various aspects of coffee brewing, and the variety of coffee beans used. Find out more about the professional coffee industry through the championship events and witness the crowning of the national champion who will go on to compete on the world stage against more than 56 countries.

Barista enthusiasts would also be delighted to rub shoulders with the 2018 Japan Aeropress Champion who will also be at the show with Homeground Coffee Roasters, as well as internationally renowned roasters, such as The Cupping Room HK @cuppingroomhk. 

La Kopi 2019 – Games and Activities

Come reminisce the good old days with classic activities like marbles (“gor li”), hopscotch, five stones and coffee cupping. When you are done indulging in your childhood games, why not experience a slew of millennial-friendly workshops? Experiment with block printing on tote bags with WithAutumn, silk screen printing or coffee cup silk screen!

The little ones can also join in the fun and try their hand at being a pizza chef or a cupcake patissier for a day with Mont Calzone! Two 20-minute classes run every hour for children 4 years and above at a fee of $10 per child for pizza making classes and $8 per child for cupcake decoration classes. To register, simply sign up at or email in at [email protected].

You can also collect “beans” via the La Kopi App during the event and automatically qualify for daily lucky draws and take part in the grand lucky draw! Attractive prizes include an all- return ticket to Milan (worth SGD$3,000) and an OTO WELLNESS Massage Chair (worth SGD$2,980).

La Kopi 2019 – Educational Zone

At the Educational Zone, you and your family can expect to participate in an origami dripper demo by Trunk Coffee Japan, Japan pour-over coffee demo by Hoshikuwa, Japan Coffee Cupping and Sharing, as well as a keynote session from the founder of social enterprise and cafe, The Caffeine Experience.

Aside from promoting a sense of belonging and togetherness, La Kopi also seeks to educate people about the origins of different coffees and the industry as a whole through these events and competitions.

On that note, La Kopi also hopes to elevate the industry by bringing together people within the traditional and specialty coffee scenes. By providing a perfect blend of traditional and modern, La Kopi hopes to serve as a catalyst for innovation that will be a boon to both baristas and consumers.

La Kopi 2019

The first edition of La Kopi promises to be a platform for the public to reminisce, interact and know more about our Singapore unique heritage and an event that allows visitors and their families to be surrounded by games, lifestyle products whilst enjoying their beverage and sweets.

Dates: 25 to 27 January 2019 | Time: 11.00am to 9.00pm (25 – 26 January) & 11.00am to 7.00pm (27 January) | Venue: Singapore Expo Hall 5B 1 Expo Dr, Singapore 486150

Whether you’re a parent, a cafe-hopper in search for your next brew, a coffee connoisseur or just looking for a place to hang out and sip on a cup of joe, this is an event that you definitely won’t want to miss.

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