Maritime Experiential Museum Singapore Reopens With Exciting New Highlights

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The Maritime Experiential Museum Singapore has reopened its doors after an extensive 9-month makeover! Get ready to be transported through time in 15 thematic galleries as you relive the glorious Maritime Silk Route of eras past and journey in the tailwinds of great explorers Zheng He, Marco Polo, Sang Nila Utama and Ibn Battuta. There are lots to see, touch, smell and to be engaged in, with state-of-the-art visual projections, multimedia shows, interactive hands-on exhibits. We are here to share some of the must see highlights!

1. Maritime Experiential Museum Singapore – Learning to Navigate

The art and science of navigation comes alive here through a collection of informative and hands-on exhibits. Learn key skills such as map reading, navigating a mariner’s compass and the intricacies of tying mariners’ knots – all essential prerequisites to be an explorer of the high seas. Also try your hand in superimposing a variety of outfits from the past onto yourselves at an interactive photo corner, where the photos can be emailed to you for keepsakes.

2. Maritime Experiential Museum Singapore – Pirate Encounter

Get thrown into the thick of action as intense drama unfolds onboard a burning ship invaded by pirates. This gallery showcases multi-level decks and uses projection technology to allow guests to relive the perilous journeys of seafarers and make it out alive of this pirate attack.

3. Maritime Experiential Museum Singapore – Maritime Coin History

The limitations of barter trading led to the emergence of money. Discover the myriad of currencies used in the Maritime Silk Route and the intriguing process of coin-making such as the differences between Chinese and European coin production, and understand the evolutionary timeline of this important intermediary in the exchange of goods and services.

4. Maritime Experiential Museum Singapore – Ports of Call

Take a walk through the four bustling ports of Quanzhou, Oman, Calicut and Malacca that link China with the Middle East and Europe, and discover their rich heritage. Through faithfully recreated exhibits which encompass multi-sensory engaging elements, from the smells of spices and perfumes to the beautiful architecture and traditional 14th century settings, guests will be treated to an eye-opening whirlwind tour of these four major cities.

5. Maritime Experiential Museum Singapore – Singapore Maritime Legacy

Discover the story of how Singapore came to be the thriving port metropolis that it is now and learn how its strategic trading location in the Maritime Silk Route catapulted its emergence in trade and economy. Relive the rich history through beautifully preserved archive images and videos and understand how the Singapore port has played a significant role in the country’s development into a first world economy in one generation.

6. Maritime Experiential Museum Singapore – Typhoon Theatre

Imagine you’re stuck in a sinking ship, caught in a treacherous storm. What do you do? Pay a visit to the Maritime Experiential Museum’s Typhoon Theatre, a must-see anchor attraction, simulating your fate in troubled waters, letting guests face the wrath of the sea before descending into the depths of the dark, blue, ocean.

Maritime Experiential Museum

Address: 8 Sentosa Gateway, Resorts World Sentosa Singapore 098269 | Opening Hours: 10am – 7pm Daily | Fees: $16 (Adult), $10 (Children 4 – 12 years old) & $5 (Senior Citizen 60yrs & above). Singaporeans enjoy lower fees. Typhoon Theatre requires a separate admission of S$3 per person | Website: The Maritime Experiential Museum

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