15-minute Myanmar Travel Guide – What To See & Do In Myanmar

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Gorgeous temples, stunning white-sand beaches and mesmerising ancient culture. A trip to Myanmar offers all this and more. If the country is on your travel bucket list this year, make sure to include our simple 15-minute Myanmar travel guide on what to see and do in Myanmar within your travel itinerary.

Myanmar Travel Guide – 5 Places To See In Myanmar

First, let’s take a look at what you HAVE TO check out in the country:

1. Temples of Bagan

If you love ancient Buddhist architecture, Bagan is the place to be. At the zenith of its glory, this place had over 11,000 temples and was the Burmese empire’s first capital. There are only just over 2,000 temples left now, but Bagan is still an archaeological marvel. Walk amid breathtaking stupas and pagodas before venturing in to explore the interiors.

2. Idyllic monastery at Taung Kalat

Perched on top of a volcanic peg known as Taung Kalat is an enchanting Buddhist monastery. To reach there you will have to trek through a track that includes 777 steps and is home to numerous inquisitive monkeys. Enjoy an out-of-the worldview from the summit stretching as far as 60km.

3. The rich pagoda of Yangon

In Myanmar’s largest city is a sacred Buddhist site, Shwedagon Paya, decked with precious stones and tons of gold leaf. If the spiritual interests you more than the material, there are strands of Buddha’s hair that are believed to have magical properties. Consider carrying your credit card along, so you can shop around the city afterwards.

4. World’s largest book at Kuthodaw Pagoda

Built in 1857, the space surrounding the base of this pagoda is home to a collection of 730 five-feet tall tablets inscribed with the religious text of Theravada Buddhism. In its heyday, the tablets were adorned with precious stones and golden ink but these have since been looted. Nevertheless, they still stand testament to a golden era, with messages that will last generations.

5. Fort-like temples of Mrauk U

Mrauk U is similar to Bagan, in the sense that it is an archaeological site comprising temples spread across a vast area. However, unlike the brick temples of Bagan, the shrines in Mrauk U are made of solid rock. The best thing about this place? Not as crowded as the others!

Myanmar Travel Guide – 5 Things to Do When in Myanmar

Myanmar is not just a country that offers up things and places worth seeing. There is lots to do here as well. You could start with:

1. Myanmar Travel Guide – Street food in Yangon

Explore scrumptious street food from the 18th to the 24th street in downtown Yangon, where Myanmar’s popular Chinatown is located. The 19th street is considered its epicentre with stretches of barbecue restaurants and shops that sell local delicacies. This place is also popular for its nightlife.

2. Myanmar Travel Guide – Rent a bike to explore the country

A great way to access every nook and corner of Myanmar is on a bike. You can rent a motorbike in most major towns and they are not too expensive. You can decide where you want to go and chart out your own route, or there are travel agencies that offer itineraries. Just make sure the bike is in a good condition before renting it.

3. Myanmar Travel Guide – Float around in a balloon

One of the best ways to get a bird’s-eye view of Bagan and truly appreciate its magnificence is from a hot air balloon. However, this can usually be done only between October and March as that’s when the winds are calm and the weather is comfortable.

4. Myanmar Travel Guide – Take a trip on the Circular Rail

Perhaps the best way to see the city of Yangon is on a guided tour aboard the circular train, an old-fashioned rail network that covers the place. Besides providing an up-close-and-personal local experience, the train ride will take you to several suburbs that are less frequented by tourists.

5. Myanmar Travel Guide – Scuba diving at the Mergui Archipelago

Located on the southern tip of Myanmar, the Mergui Archipelago is an isolated area with about 800 islands. This place is popular with scuba-diving enthusiasts for its fascinating reefs, varieties of fish and other sea animals. There are several companies that offer diving tours to this part of the country.

The adventures don’t stop there. Depending on your tastes, Myanmar offers several other great activities for you to choose from. So, book your flights, get set, and go. And, don’t forget your travel credit cards to make the most of your of spends!

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