The Fastest Way To Learn Musical Instruments In Singapore

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In Singapore, music is widely regarded as a soul-soother and an event will never be complete without an inspiring display by a musical ensemble. Are you passionate about music and have been craving for the best places or how to learn a musical instrument in Singapore? If affirmative and you are a busy type or you’re working-class, I guess you would prefer to learn a musical instrument during holidays. This means you have to learn it fast so that you can fully harness your holiday.

Learning a musical instrument might be your lifetime dream but it would be best if you make good use of your spare time by enrolling in a musical school. In this article, we will discuss the fastest way to learn musical instruments in Singapore.

Register at a Music School

Now that your dream of learning an instrument is about to come to fruition, it’s imperative to know that the first step is for you to register in a known music academy. LVL Music Academy is a renowned music school in Singapore. With the advantage of their seasoned teachers, you would learn the instruments you need to learn at a much faster pace. During registration of the school, you can request one-on-one sessions to learn even faster and according to your schedule. You might just be learning as a hobby, but enrolling for customised training in a music school will do the magic for you to become a master instrumentalist in a short period.

Practice Consistently

Get ready to invest your training times. Set your schedules and spend at least a specific number of hours that you devote to training. Keep to your routines and try to apply your own unique patterns during practice. Your learning environment should be very conducive to support your quick-paced training. Distractions can cost you a lot, so you should weigh your options critically to know whether your home will be conducive enough for your lesson sessions.

Buy the Instrument

This is very important for you especially if you do have the time to attend every single music class. Buy the instruments yourself as it helps you to keep practising and mastering even after the regular classes. Furthermore, your learning will be pacy, fun-filled and engaging. When learning with your own instrument, one-on-one lessons are the best but once in a while, you can join other newbies during their learning session. There is nothing wrong with joining an orchestra during the first month of your training. It will quickly boost your skills and performances.

Singaporeans are passionate about music and arts, as such, it’s never in short supply of musical concerts. During your training period, try and attend as many concerts and watch other people playing.  In your spare time, you can try it as a solo or as part of an orchestra.


Music has its aura and learning to play a musical instrument requires grit and apt determination. The first step to living your musical dream is having a mentor, teacher or guide to help you avoid the usual pitfalls in that instrument. However, your own consistency matters a lot too. In learning the music instrument, this is just one word – practice. Practice, practice, practice. Finally, not everyone would have the luxury of getting their own instrument, but it is by far a significant factor in your learning pace.


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