Reignite Kit Chen Concert – Kit ‘Live’ Centred Around Hope and Renewal

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This Christmas season, Singapore’s most beloved artiste Kit Chan returns to the stage with Reignite Kit Chan Concert to rekindle her connection with fans through her music, centred around the themes of Hope and Renewal. The past 2 years have been a trying time for all of us, and life as we know it seemed to have been put on hold. We each hold a tiny flame of hope within us and we need each other to keep it alive. Centred on the themes of restarting and renewing, Kit Chan hopes to inspire positivity and reignite this flame through her brand of heartfelt ballads, eclectic stage repertoire and engaging live performance. You can look forward to the “star on the tree” – a special Christmas segment, which is a first for Kit.

Reignite Kit Chen Concert – Her Journey

Kit Chan is one of Singapore’s most established and multi-faceted artistes. Since her debut in 1993, she has released over 40 albums in Mandarin, Cantonese and English; and proven herself in diverse areas including pop music, musical theatre, TV drama, movies, poetry, songwriting, creative direction and community work.

In 1994, Kit propelled Singapore’s pop music into the region with the album “心痛” and went on to establish herself as a critically-acclaimed singer with a chain of hit songs such as “担心”, “喜欢你”, “炫耀”, “等了又等”.

Ever the trailblazer, Kit is the first pop singer to perform at Singapore’s National Day Parade (NDP) in 1998. The NDP theme song “Home”, which she performed has since become possibly Singapore’s most recognised and beloved song, and earned her the honour of being called Singapore’s “national treasure”. She was subsequently invited to perform at the NDP another four times.

In 2015 she became the first Singaporean singer to participate in China’s immensely popular televised singing competition show “我是歌手3” (I Am A Singer). Her rendition of “心动” on the show received a staggering 8.8 million downloads on China’s QQ music platform and was ranked most downloaded track of the day.

A dynamic performer, Kit is lauded for her roles in notable musicals such as 《雪狼湖》(Snow.Wolf.Lake), “The Forbidden City: Portrait of an Empress” and《利瑪竇音樂劇》 (Matteo Ricci The Musical). She has also collaborated with symphonies and orchestras in Hong Kong, Taiwan and Singapore.

Reignite Kit Chen Concert – Get Your Tickets Today

Dates: 6 to 18 December 2021 (Thursday – Saturday) | Time: 8pm | Duration: 90 Minutes (No Intermission) | Venue: Sands Theatre, Marina Bay Sands | Ticketing: Marina Bay Sands / Sistic  

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