Peach Garden CNY 2022 – Indulge In Auspicious Cantonese Dishes

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Peach Garden Restaurant – Singapore’s notable household name with five conveniently-located restaurants invite you and your loved ones to celebrate Lunar New Year 2022 with a specially curated selection of festive Peach Garden CNY 2022 dishes. Whether you are looking to dine-in, order takeaway and delivery, engage catering services or prepare gifts for your clients, Peach Garden has the perfect options to meet your needs. Peach Garden’s culinary team kicks off the Lunar New Year celebrations with two special highlights; Make-a-Wish Yu Sheng and Bak Kut Teh Pen Cai.

Peach Garden CNY 2022 – Make-a-Wish Yu Sheng

Traditionally a must-have festive dish during the Lunar New Year, Yu Sheng, or “Lo Hei” as commonly known, is enjoyed by everyone for its significance and fun in tossing. This year, Peach Garden’s all-new Make-A-Wish Yu Sheng is sure to leave you pleasantly surprised, it is not to be missed! The premium ingredients are elegantly plated to form an astounding display of a tree with vibrant blossoms shaped using Salmon, Abalone, Red Radish, Honeydew, Strawberry, Apple, Green Kiwi and Mango.

The Yu Sheng is topped with 9 different types of fresh edible flowers specially chosen for their different health benefits. Be sure to find a familiar flower from the list of Torenia, Marigold, Snakeweed, Ulam Rajah, Egyptian Star, Cosmo, Coral Vine, Blue Pea and Mexican Tarragon.

Everyone is given a bowl of shredded carrots and radish to make their wishes before pouring into the Yu Sheng to be tossed up high, as a symbolic act to signify putting forth their wishes for the coming year – wishing the best for family, friends and other loved ones (whom they possibly have not met up with much for the past 2 years due to the pandemic restrictions). The Yu Sheng will be tossed together after everyone has added in their portion of wishes in the form of carrots and radish.

The Make-A-Wish Yu Sheng is available for dine-in only. For takeaways, you can choose between Salmon or Abalone Yu Sheng.

Peach Garden CNY 2022 – Pen Cai Selection

Peach Garden also offers a variety of choices for Pen Cai – Golden Premium Traditional Pen Cai, Peach Garden Premium Seafood Pen Cai with Shark’s Bone Cartilage Broth, Deluxe Pen Cai and Vegetarian Pen Cai, along with this year’s latest addition to the list – Bak Kut Teh Pen Cai.

Peach Garden’s Bak Kut Teh Pen Cai combines the flavour of Bak Kut Teh, a famous well-liked dish in Singapore and Malaysia, with Pen Cai, a Lunar New Year must-have dish in all homes. The dish allures your palates with luxurious ingredients including Golden Abalone, Sea Cucumber, Fish Maw, Conpoy, Pork Ribs and more that signify abundance and prosperity, and is sure to leave you and your loved ones craving for more with its perfect balance of flavour.

Peach Garden’s CNY dishes are available for order from 15th December 2021 onwards. Orders can be placed at the restaurants or online.

Peach Garden CNY 2022 – Handcrafted Festive Goodies 

This Lunar New Year is not complete without Peach Garden’s premium handcrafted festive goodies which includes a range of homemade items – Peach Resin Osmanthus Pudding, Koi Water Chestnut Pudding, Golden Koi Traditional Nian Gao and even Homemade Taro Cake. The Homemade Taro Cake is a very popular item for the Lunar New Year visits – definitely, a crowd-pleaser that is also easy to prepare. Aromatic, tasty and fulfilling, you will definitely be asking for more.

Looking out for festive sets? Look no further as Peach Garden features 3 Signature Packages – Prosperity Treasures Package A, B and Fortune Treasures Set, each set is good for 8 to 10 persons. All 3 Signature Packages serves an array of signature dishes that would definitely wow your loved ones. Look out for the Prosperity Treasures Package B which features Petite Abalone Yu Sheng, Baked Lobster with Spring Onion and Ginger in Superior Stock, Golden Premium Traditional Pen Cai, Fried Glutinous Rice with Chinese Sausage and Water Chestnut Pudding as desserts. Yes, a full wholesome meal of Abalone, Lobsters and even the Pen Cai – What a bountiful meal.

Peach Garden is an award-winning restaurant with five outlets and a leading private catering service. Its much-anticipated Lunar New Year Special Menu boasts abundant selections that range from decadent meats to luxurious double-boiled soups, to traditional goodies and their popular prosperity packages.

Peach Garden CNY 2022 – Lunar New Year Operations

All Peach Garden restaurants are open throughout Lunar New Year, including the first and second day of Lunar New Year (1st and 2nd February). Reservations can be made online at

Shop online on and enjoy free delivery with a minimum spend of $100. A delivery fee of $12 applies for orders below $100.

For more information, please visit

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