Pink Dot 2017 – Singaporeans & PRs Support Freedom To Love

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Despite the tighter security measures and new regulations preventing foreigners from attending the event, Singaporeans and Permanent Residents came in droves to support annual Pink Dot celebration on 1st July 2017. According to Pink Dot 2017’s organisers, close to 20,000 Singaporeans and permanent residents turned up at Hong Lim Park for the event, which is held in support of Singapore’s lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) community. For the first time in nine years, Pink Dot is able to authenticate the support from the local core – Singaporeans and the nation’s permanent residents.

Further championing this year’s message of inclusion are Pink Dot’s Ambassadors – three winning personalities who have done Singapore proud in their own unique ways: popular crooner and actor Nathan Hartono, multi-talented theatre and television performer Ebi Shankara, and bemedalled Paralympic swimmer, Theresa Goh.

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Additionally, and as a strong indication of growing support among local businesses, the ‘Red Dot for Pink Dot’ campaign, which closes on 4 June 2017, is proud to announce a current tally of 116 local sponsors, far surpassing the initial target of 100. The initiative, led by homegrown entrepreneurs, Darius Cheng of, Carolyn K of jewellery atelier Carrie K, Bjorn Low of Edible Garden City, and Adrianna Tan of WoBe, was founded on the belief that diversity and inclusion are values that Singapore companies should support.

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If you have missed the event yesterday, here are the highlights – declarations of strong support for the freedom to love for everyone in Singapore and Asia!

Come Dressed In Lots Of Pink

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Wave The Pink Flags

Don The Rainbow Flag

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Singapore’s Mini Pride Parade

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It’s A Pink Party

Sincere Confessions

Yes, Xiaxue is a pink supporter too!

Celebrations Of Colours

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Everyone is invited. Adorable doggies too!

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The Whole Family Is Here!

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Of course, there were lots of eye candies

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Remove anything that hurts

Good vibes only

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More 20,000 Singaporeans & PR supported the freedom to love!

Touching sea of pink lights

The finale light up – with a rainbow this time!

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Last but not least, view the video summary of the event below:

Pink Dot 2017: Against All Odds

20,000 Singaporeans and Permanent Residents make a stand as we take another step towards a kinder, more inclusive Singapore.

Posted by Pink Dot SG on Sunday, July 2, 2017

We hope you enjoyed our selection of the event highlights from Pink Dot 2017. To check out the past years Pink Dot, click here!

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