Potato Head’s Attarine Restaurant Comes To Bali In May 2017

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Following the success of Attarine Jakarta in 2016, Potato Head is proud to bring its latest original dining concept Attarine – a unique take on the chef-driven neighbourhood restaurant, rooted in Mediterranean simplicity – to the exotic island of Bali in May 2017.

Setting a new culinary standard in Indonesia’s capital, Attarine introduces the philosophy of “Good Food” and emphasises elements that turn the act of the act of eating into an experience by showcasing the complexity of simple, thoughtful food.

Continuing Attarine’s chef-driven core philosophy, the chefs at Attarine will draw on their personal experiences, expertise and creativity to develop rotating menus that are influenced by the freshest, local ingredients and small-scale and responsible producers in the area. This results in each establishment having its own character and style, while still adhering to Attarine’s core values.

Leading Attarine’s culinary direction is Executive Chef Jacob Burrell, who draws on his experience and love of combining the best seasonal products from small farms and local producers with rustic, wood-fired cooking techniques to create authentic food that is reflective of the seasons.

With an impressive track record of leading the kitchen brigade at the Big Sur Bakery and Restaurant for three years – continuing its tradition of excellence becoming a culinary destination for locals and travelers alike – and serving as Sous Chef at the three-Michelin-star Manresa restaurant, Jacob built and set Attarine Jakarta to become a celebrated, welcoming neighborhood restaurant at the heart of the city.

Now Attarine expands to Bali with Attarine Berawa Beach House and Grill, located in the emerging neighbourhood of Berawa in Canggu. Dedicated to seasonal ingredients and its surroundings – an Attarine signature -, the Berawa establishment will be influenced by the island’s natural abundance and is set to be the home for Jacob to expand on the Attarine’s culinary direction. Attarine Berawa will also be home to an impressive wood-fired hearth, which will produce freshly cooked food with a unique flavour that is only produced by an open fire.

“From early human history, people have gathered around the fire for warmth, food, celebration, and protection,” says Chef Jacob. “With our stripped-down open kitchen, we hope to recreate that communal feel and carve out a space where we can bring people together for a nourishing meal, while we continue to explore new flavours and techniques.”

Attarine Berawa Beach House & Grill (opening in May 2017)

Address: Jalan Pemelisan Agung, Berawa, Tibubeneng, Kuta Utara, Bali www.attarine.com

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