Club Med Bintan Island Body & Soul Wellness Escape Holiday

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Feeling wrung out and exhausted halfway into the year? Dive into a mid-year physical and mental reawakening with the signature wellness event, Body & Soul at the newly refreshed Club Med Bintan Island. Returning with an updated programme that now includes fun health-related classes and activities for children, experience a holistic fitness and wellness experience with your entire family that will keep your spirits high for the rest of 2017.

An annual event at no extra cost, you and your loved ones get enjoy regular Club Med Premium All-Inclusive activities such as flying trapeze, snorkelling, archery, kayak, golf, and more as well at the holistic wellness escape of Club Med Bintan Island. Through Body & Soul and the newly created Must-try Experiences, participants can pick up refreshing new fitness exercises, as well as indulge in deliciously healthy meals and freshly concocted juices of assorted ingredients.

4 Colours in 4 Days

Created with the theme of 4 colours in 4 days, the health and wellness retreat is designed to boost wellbeing and overall fitness through a series of activities and classes conducted by invited professional instructors from around the world.

1. Rejuvenation

Invigorate and recharge your soul with rejuvenating Barre Fitness, Pilates, Chi Ball exercises and more Kids can also enjoy family yoga sessions by the beach, have a taste of the circus life with night trapeze and more.

2. Recharge

Energise and pump up the adrenaline with high- octane workouts like Zumba, Boxing, Salsa, Bollywood dance and more. Kids can discover fun Zumba, dance lessons and more

3. Rebalance

Instil balance into your personal wellbeing with harmonious activities, such as the music- enhanced Spirals Class, BodyART and more Release the inner mini chefs with DIY healthy bento workshops for the family and more.

4. Revitalise

Revitalise and soothe your inner self with meditative and zen activities such as Mindful Walking, Laughing Yoga, Meditation and more. Relaxing spa treatments and workshops for the family (9 years and above) are also available.

Diverse classes by International Fitness and Wellness Experts, only for Body & Soul

Lisa Westlake is a highly-awarded physiotherapist and fitness instructor from Australia with over 20 years of experience, and teaches an array of classes, such as relaxing Sunrise and Soul, to addictive Tribal Rhythm workout that involves drumming, cardio and energetic music. A fitness instructor in Zumba, Masala Bhangra and Bollywood dance for over 20 years, Helen McQuillan also teaches Barre Fitness, a ballet-based workout that will tone and strengthen muscles and limbs with grace.

Lynley Gladdis, a fitness instructor, arts dance trainer and remedial massage professional, is an expert in relaxation & mind-body fitness programs. She is also highly experienced in the Chi Ball fitness movement and trains teachers and Master Trainers. Kick up a storm with Singapore-based Zumba instructor, Chouchane Aprikian. Children will also be able to enjoy Zumba during Body & Soul, with special Zumba KIDS programmes held by Chouchane.

Originally from Germany, personal trainer Tanja Harrasser will be holding a range of dynamic classes including elements of Boxing, Aqua fitness, and more.

Savour International Cuisine & Health Juices

Guests can also savour an array of delicious international cuisine and fresh zesty juices, with the new fresh Beach juice bar, and healthy food corners that tie in with the colour theme of the day – expect dishes made up of superfoods rich in vitamins and nutrients. Specially created by Club Med’s international chefs, indulge guiltlessly and get an energy boost for the rest of Body & Soul’s exciting programme.

Premium spa treatments and packages are also available for guests who wish to take a breather under the therapeutic massages, where special Body & Soul colour-themed spa packages (priced at US$98) promise a rejuvenating and relaxing experience.

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