Proper Slice Singapore – New York Glorious Old-school Pizzerias At Amoy

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Following the success of Lucali BYGB, the team helmed by Singapore-based hospitality pioneer Gibran Baydoun opened Proper Slice Singapore, a New York-style pizza joint at 110 Amoy Street, #01-02. An entrance off Gemmill Lane makes guests walk through an unassuming alleyway to locate the right door, but with a maroon awning that welcomes you like a pre-war building in New York City, the restaurant is unmissable. Fans of the famed Brooklyn restaurant can look forward to the best of the spirit of Lucali BYGB – but stripped back to its purest form.

Proper Slice Singapore – The Concept

Proper Slice Singapore is an ode to New York City’s glorious old-school neighbourhood pizzerias, dedicated to creating a “proper slice” of pizza to grab-and-go for curbside enjoyment, or have delivered right to your doorstep. At the helm is Executive Chef Ariana Flores, who also heads the kitchen at Lucali BYGB and has mastered the art of the perfect pie under the watchful eye of Mark Iacono, creator of the famed Lucali in Brooklyn and through her decade at Osteria Mozza and Pizzeria Mozza.

The menu, naturally, heroes the not-so-humble oversized pizza pie, but with a new recipe carefully honed and refined from the Lucali original so it better resembles that served by hole-in-the-wall pizzerias in Manhattan’s East Village. The reimagined pizza remains in its 18-inch form but served as six oversized slices instead of eight for your immediate enjoyment. The crust is still paper-thin, but the sauce and toppings are addictive. Proper Slice will introduce not just an original cheese pie, but also pepperoni, white pizza, spinach and ricotta, and sausage options that rotate based on when you arrive. There’s no guarantee what will be coming out of the kitchen at any given time, but that’s half the fun of dining at Proper Slice.

Proper Slice Singapore – Sides

Beyond the oversized, thin and crispy slices, Proper Slice will also serve up meatballs, garlic knots, a gooey, meat-filled Stromboli, a dessert calzone, and the occasional “pie-in-a-cup.” Drinks include Ramona grapefruit wine coolers, Arizona iced tea, Mexican coke and a good ol’ cup of joe, proudly brewed by the pot on a Bunn coffee maker, to gear you up any time of the day.

Gibran Baydoun, founder of That’s Proper Hospitality which includes Lucali BYGB and now, Proper Slice, says: “Living in New York, there’s always that neighbourhood pizza shop in every neighbourhood or every few blocks. It is not fancy, but it is honest and proper, and that is really what we wanted to create here. In my most challenging days, two slices and coke would be my meal for the day or my late-night antidote after a proper night out.”  

“While Lucali BYGB is an intimate and electric restaurant that you want to stay on for a long time and a good time, Proper Slice is a straightforward pizza joint where you get in, get fed and get on with it. It’s kind of like a little brother of Lucali BYGB but with a distinct personality of its own. We never thought that after only a year with Lucali BYGB, we’d be blessed enough to offer something new and continue to tell this story. This is only possible because of how exciting and welcoming the Singapore community has been to me the last five years, and to all of us this past tumultuous year.” 

Proper Slice Singapore – Pay A Visit

Address: 110 Amoy Street (back entrance, or along Gemmill Lane), Singapore 069930 | Opening Hours: 12pm to 12am Daily | Social Handle: @properslicebygb

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