Rempapa Mother’s Day – Recipes From Chef’s Mother Figures

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Food is the expression of maternal love in all cultures – an unreserved demonstration that Chef Damian D’Silva relished in growing up in a family of great home cooks. He was showered with dishes made with heart, from scratch, with the warmest heartfelt flavours. Rempapa celebrates this deep connection and showcases Chef Damian’s wealth of heritage recipes from these remarkable mother figures in his life.

This Mother’s Day, the multi-cultural heritage restaurant is honouring all mothers and their unconditional love with a dining promotion of up to 30% off. Exclusively from 12 to 14 May, families dining with mothers enjoy 20% off, while a two-generation celebration with mother and grandmother enjoy an additional 10% discount. For home celebration, surprise her with Rempapa takeaway heritage whole kueh and cake (8-inch) and enjoy a 20% off.

Enjoy a sumptuous array of heritage dishes that make a perfect communal feast

Starting with the vegetarian-friendly Chickpea curry with Roti ($18), cooked with blistered red bell peppers, fresh red tomatoes, Kashmiri chilli powder, and turmeric powder, resulting in an amalgamation of Indian and Eurasian curry flavours. The dish is completed with mustard seeds which are popped in ghee, then added to the chickpea mixture.

Feast on a plate of Ayam Pelencheng ($16) and be immersed in its smoky aroma. Each boneless chicken thigh is marinated for at least a day with fresh rempah consisting of a blend of grounded chilli, salt and calamansi. The chicken is then freshly grilled to perfection upon order.

The Hakka Fried Pork ($20) is a classic heritage recipe. The pork belly is marinated for at least 16 hours with fermented bean curd, five spice powder, black bean sauce, white pepper and hua diao wine. The marinated pork belly is coated with cornflour before it is deep-fried till crispy, then sliced and served.

Chef Damian’s maternal grandmother only cooks the Babi Pongteh ($38) during special celebrations. This Peranakan dish presents a blend of fresh garlic and preserved soya beans which are sauteed till fragrant. Dried shiitake mushrooms are added, followed by sliced pork belly and bamboo shoots. The pork is left to be braised till fully cooked and tender.

Baca Assam ($46), or commonly known as the “lost” Eurasian heritage dish presents a mix of Peranakan and Indian flavours, which was only prepared by Chef Damian’s paternal grandfather during elaborate occasions. In this dish, a fine paste of dried chillies, shallots, turmeric, galangal, and candlenuts is fried. Once fragrant, beef cheek is added and slightly browned then cooked with beef stock and tamarind water till the meat is tender.

Complete your meal with Heritage desserts which are served as a Kueh Platter (from $7 onwards). The selection will be drawn from the dessert menu which includes favourites such as Kueh Kosui and Kueh Ku, Kueh Bingka, Pulut Bingka, Talam Keladi, Sago Ubi, Lapis Pulot, Rempah Udang and others available on the day.  Continue the celebration in the comfort of home with Rempapa takeaway whole kuehs and cake (8-inch) at 20% discount. Selection includes Kueh Bingka, Kueh Salat, Kueh Sugee and Pandan Cake.

Savour the multi-cultural flavours of Singapore by taking a trip down Nostalgic memories which are encapsulated in a wonderful meal, only at Rempapa.

Rempapa’s Mother Day dine-in promotion is available from 12 to 14 May, families dining with mothers enjoy 20% off, while a two-generation celebration with mother and grandmother enjoy an additional 10% discount.  Discounts are up to 30% off, available for a la carte food order only during brunch and dinner.

Exclusive whole kueh and cake (8-inch) takeaway promotion is available at 20% off. Pre-order and full payment must be made directly with the restaurant for at least 2 days in advance from 1 to 10 May; available for self pick-up from 12 to 14 May 2023.

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