Ubersnap Use GIFs To Promote SOSD Dog Adoption Singapore

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Sparked by the recent shift to a smaller pet shelter and drop in adoption rates, the folks at Ubersnap worked together with SOSD (Singapore’s Volunteer-Run Dog Shelter) to introduce Singapore’s first pet photo booth. Photography plays a key role to promote SOSD Dog Adoption Singapore. Through these photos (GIF format), Ubersnap hopes people can experience the unique personalities of these loving shelter dogs and decide to adopt rather than shop for a brand new puppy.

SOSD Dog Adoption Singapore – Tell Us More About SOSD

SOSD is a volunteer-run organisation that requires public donations to continue their mission to rescue and rehabilitate street dogs. With the big move from East to West, SOSD hopes to raise funds for the renovation of their new pet shelter. A little kindness goes a long way – click here to donate.

SOSD Dog Adoption Singapore – Adopt, Don’t Shop!

Adopting, fostering, or sponsoring a shelter pet is an extremely rewarding experience. If you feel that you are able to provide a happy home for these dogs, click here to take a look at the profiles and GIFs of the dogs available for adoption.

SOSD Dog Adoption Singapore – Say Hello To Our Furry Friends 

Vienna was rescued with a litter of puppies. She’s the only one left in the litter who hasn’t been adopted, and we hope she doesn’t have to wait too long.

Holographic print of Vienna

Even though Cupid is almost five, she was only rescued a few months ago. She had a punctured lung and had to go through emergency surgery — thankfully, she’s fine now.

Holographic print of Cupid

Duncan is ten years old and in the pink of health right now. Even though he’s the oldest of the bunch, he still behaves very much like a puppy. He loves rolling on the couch.

Holographic print of Duncan

Faith is one of the smartest dogs in the shelter. She’s the only one who can perform tricks, like rolling over and giving high fives.

Holographic print of Faith

Summer is extremely friendly and will give kisses to strangers. She can get too excited and jumpy, so she’s looking for a loving and patient adopter.

Holographic print of Summer

With this project, the folks at Ubersnap hope to help animals in need to get off the streets and find a loving shelter.

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