Things To Know Before Travelling To Singapore

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Wishing to travel to Singapore with your recreational vehicle? Well, there are a number of things you have to know before taking the leap. The failure to adhere to these rules and regulations might normally spell doom to you and compromise your experience.

Beware of the Climate

Singapore is located within the tropics. As such, it does not suffer the huge seasonal fluctuations which the northern and the southern hemisphere suffers. Additionally, it is also hot, warm and humid year-round. Equip yourself with the necessary attire.

Book your garden space early

Many Singaporeans love outdoors. Owing to the higher population and space constraints, chances are that you will be one of the many who might need to use the facilities at any given time. It is because of this that you are advised to book your space early.

Prepare your Budget

Singapore is a very wealthy and highly developed nation. Everything here is expensive, from food to park entry fees, to camping accessories. It is hence in your best interest to prepare your budget appropriately by factoring the local prices levels. Pay some attention to the RV Flooring costs as they are quite expensive here.

Parking and Road Tolls

Unlike many nations, roads cost some money to use in Singapore. Indeed, you will be asked to part with some money to access certain portions of major highways from time to time. Plan your itinerary well to prevent incurring any extra expenses if you are short on cash.

Keep off chewing gum

Singapore has a very clean track record. Indeed, the authorities take maximum precautions to maintain the city in a perpetual state of tidiness. As such, it bans the chewing of gums alongside other agents of dirt. For your own safety, keep off the chewing gums.

Entry Requirements

If travelling into Singapore from a foreign nation, you will also have to familiarize yourself with the entry requirements. Generally speaking, you will need a visa to enter the city-state if you hail from many Third World Countries. Entrants from some countries even require visa vignettes in their passports.

Acquaint yourself with the rules and regulations

Just like in any other nation in the world, Singapore has stringent rules and regulations that govern its safety. Unlike those rules in foreign nations, the ones in Singapore are stringent and highly punitive. Take some time to acquaint yourself with these rules to be on the safe side.

Try out some Local Cuisines

Though you will largely prepare your own food, you are highly advised to try out some local cuisines. There are many restaurants which serve a host of food options. Like every other item, food is also expensive here in Singapore. Prepare yourself appropriately for the same.

Take note of the Smoking Restrictions

Are you a smoker? Well, you also may still go ahead and smoke while in the city. There is a bit, though. You have to do so only in the designated smoking zones. The violation of this law might attract a fine of $1,000. You do not want this to happen, so always look for a smoking zone.


Well, you now know the basic facts which may guarantee a smooth time in Singapore. It is now up to you to go ahead and implement them. In case you are unsure of any fact, you should confirm with your travel agent or local tourism office. You can visit for more information about Traveling life.

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