Thye Moh Chan Mooncakes 2020: Handcrafted Teochew Mooncakes & More

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This Mid-Autumn season, sweeten your celebrations and indulge in the quintessential festive treat as local traditional Teochew confectionery, Thye Moh Chan (泰茂栈), launches a delightful repertoire of mooncake flavours to enliven the festive spirit. With 77 years of heritage in delivering the finest handcrafted Teochew pastries, the iconic brand, upheld by two original veteran pastry chefs, seeks to captivate hearts (and taste buds!) with its Thye Moh Chan Mooncakes 2020 collection of classic favourites and two novel offerings this year.

Thye Moh Chan Mooncakes 2020 – An Iconic Homegrown Brand

As an iconic homegrown brand, Thye Moh Chan prides itself on preserving the authentic art of crafting traditional Teochew confectionery. The brand pours its heart and soul into meticulously handcrafting each piece by hand, using time-honoured baking techniques that have been passed down for generations since its establishment in 1943.

Promising only the freshest baked goods which contain no added preservatives, the dedicated Teochew brand stands out from the rest as its Tau Sar (豆沙) filling is lovingly made from scratch and cooked to perfection following hours of soaking, steaming, grinding, filtering and precise temperature-controlled cooking.

Thye Moh Chan Mooncakes 2020 – The New Flavours

The new mooncake flavours, Assorted Nuts White Lotus (五仁白莲蓉) and Lychee Rose White Lotus (荔枝玫瑰白莲蓉) are created using sugar-free white lotus paste – perfect for individuals with a lighter palate. The Assorted Nuts White Lotus (五仁白莲蓉) features a nutritious combination of nuts and seeds – roasted peanuts, black and white sesame seeds, melon seeds, almond, walnut, sunflower seeds and pumpkin seeds – which gives an aromatic nuance with every bite.

The Lychee Rose Lotus (荔枝玫瑰白莲蓉) on the other hand, delivers a delicate blend of floral notes with a fruity hint – a flavour so refreshingly pleasant it makes you want to reach out for more!

Thye Moh Chan Mooncakes 2020 – Timeless Classics

Timeless classics such as the Salty Tau Sar with Salted Egg Yolk (咸豆沙蛋黄), Sweet Tau Sar with Melon Seeds (瓜子甜豆沙), Yuan Yang with Salted Egg Yolk (鸳鸯蛋黄) and Red Bean with Salted Egg Yolk (红豆沙蛋黄) will also be making their return.

Other delectable hot favourites also include the Yam with Salted Egg Yolk (芋泥蛋黄),

Mao Shan Wang Durian (猫山王榴梿) and the Traditional Teochew Mooncake (潮州月饼).

Thye Moh Chan Mooncakes 2020 – Choose Your Preferred Design

Sold in a box of four or limited large individual pieces for selected flavours such as Salty Tau Sar with Salted Egg York and Sweet Tau Sar with Melon Seed, the mooncakes are beautifully packaged in an elegant box (available in brilliant yellow, blush pink and powder blue) adorned with oriental peony motifs.

Thye Moh Chan Mooncakes 2020 – Purchase Now

Thye Moh Chan’s Mid-Autumn Collection is available for early-bird orders, where shoppers can purchase mooncake vouchers both online (via apps and official e-commerce stores) and offline (physical stores) to enjoy special discounts, ahead of the collection period from 24 August 2020.

There will also be other exciting promotions that will run until 16 September 2020. For more exciting promotions, please visit Thye Moh Chan’s official website, Instagram and Facebook.

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