Tiong Bahru Bakery Sourdough Workshop Leads The Uprising Movement

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Not content with feeding Singapore amazing sourdough bakes, Tiong Bahru Bakery Sourdough Workshop is taking things one step further by reinvigorating the Sourdough Movement. Located next to Tiong Bahru Bakery (TBB) Foothills, it is Singapore’s first dedicated space to the art of the Sourdough, offering classes and a platform to explore everything sourdough to aficionados of all levels. TBB will lead the charge in this all-natural age-old method of fermentation through exploration, education, creation, feasting and discussion of the wild yeast.

Tiong Bahru Bakery Sourdough Workshop – Vive La Sourdough!

Spa Esprit Group, the creator of TBB, has been the first mover of some of the most iconic movements that have influenced the way Singaporeans eat, drink and groom over the years. From the rise of third-wave coffee led by 40 Hands and Common Man Coffee Roasters to the Urban Farming movement that Open Farm Community continues to champion with its latest in-soil farm expansion, and Drunken Farmer that pushed the Natural Wine scene, the group has been unwavering in their course of elevating Singapore’s F&B landscape. This commitment is reinforced by TBB leading the sourdough movement, not only through their bakes but via a dedicated Sourdough space for all things great and funky.

The TBB Sourdough Workshop will become a haven for sourdough and fermentation enthusiasts. Guided by Chef Paul Albert, TBB’s sourdough expert and baker, and his 160-year-old sourdough mother, participants will be brought on a  sourdough and fermentation journey through every rise and fold. TBB aims to create a community where sourdough-minded people can come together to learn from their baking experiences, share in the health benefits, and ultimately, develop innovative fermentation techniques and applications.

The TBB Sourdough Workshop is just the beginning with more initiatives in the works such as a sourdough feast, a sourdough hotel for people to leave their starters when they’re away, a R&D lab for starters, and a small mill for the milling of fresh flour mixes for experimentation.

Cynthia Chua, Founder & Chairman of Spa Esprit Group, says “The TBB Sourdough Workshop, is the first of its kind in Singapore, a space to drive curiosity on Sourdough through activities and education in a fun and digestible manner. It reflects TBB’s dedication to artisanal handcrafted techniques and the spirit of sharing our knowledge and expertise for the wider good. In recent years, I’ve been an advocate for gut health which we’ve spread via our offerings, through sourdough, fermentation and natural wines. We’d hope to also encourage research and development in terms of creating different applications and techniques.”

Tiong Bahru Bakery Sourdough Workshop

Regardless of expertise level, the TBB Sourdough Workshop will have a place for everyone. All classes are led by Chef Paul who enthusiastically puts his love for sourdough thoroughly on display as he expounds on the different techniques and recipes he will be teaching across the levels.

Launching from November 2021 onwards, the Beginner Classes ($207.85) are held on Wednesdays-Fridays from 2-6pm, while Intermediate ($300) and Advanced (coming soon) classes are conducted over the weekends between 2pm – 7pm. The Beginner class is an exploration of Sourdough with the baking of sourdough bread and an introduction to the fermentation process. The subsequent levels will feature different recipes for aficionados to further their knowledge and skills.

Beginner Classes ($207.85 from November onwards):

Perfect for those looking to start their sourdough journey. The beginner’s class concentrates on setting the foundation.

  • Wednesday to Friday – 2pm to 6pm
  • Understanding what Sourdough is.
  • Maintaining a Sourdough starter.
  • 100% hands-on class on a Sourdough loaf.
  • 1 x A Sourdough Starter Kit – 160yr starter, Banneton, French flour, salt, recipe, customised bread lame, scraper.
  • 1 x Refreshment break includes TBB pastries and drinks.

Intermediate Classes ($300):

  • Saturdays – 2pm to 7pm
  • A brief reminder of the sourdough process.
  • 100% hands-on class on three sourdough bakes (Focaccia, Crystal Bread & Rye Sourdough).
  • 1 x Refreshment break, includes TBB pastries and drinks.

All classes will use a 160-year-old sourdough mother. Given to Chef Paul when he was working in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, the starter is a strong one fed by Chef Paul’s love and nourishment.

Participants for the beginner class will take home the TBB branded Sourdough Starter Kit – from the Banneton, the full recipe, exact ingredients including the 160-year-old starter, as well as a customised bread lame to create the perfect loaf at home. Classes are available for booking during the current soft launch stage (October 2021) at $165.85 with a smaller Starter Kit.

“We are eager to launch the workshop and further promote this art of baking to a greater audience. Sourdough has been my greatest joy and passion in life and throughout my career, I have been taught that the starters, techniques and craft must be shared to make wonderful tasting breads. I hope to do the same here at the TBB Sourdough Workshop. Whether you’re an experienced baker or an interested beginner, we promise that you will leave the workshop excited to learn more about sourdough and its applications. Sourdough not only has a great flavour profile but is also really healthy for your gut.”Chef Paul, Sourdough Workshop Instructor and Baker. 

If munching on sourdough is preferred to baking one from scratch, TBB, in particular the Foothills outlet, is a must-visit. In addition to Cereal Seeded Sourdough loaf ($12), Sourdough loaf ($10), Rye Sourdough loaf ($12), and Rosemary Sourdough Focaccia ($6.50), it has exclusive recipes such as the Sourdough Croissant (with Hazelnut Crumble & Praline Cremeux) ($5.50).

For the full class schedule and to book classes and explore the academy, please visit, linktr.ee/tiongbahrubakery via IG: Tiongbahrubakery.

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