Working As A Travel Nanny, Things You Need To Know

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Have you ever thought about working as a travel nanny? If you love and know how to communicate with children and want to change locations occasionally, this job sounds like a great option. However, as any responsible occupation (and working with kids is extraordinarily responsible), it requires some preparation and a clear understanding of your duties. So, let’s figure out what scope of tasks travel nannies have and how to become one? Specialists from the leading job search engine Jooble prepared information about this profession.  

Basic job description

As a travel nanny, you are expected to take care of kids when their parents are on vacation. Your primary responsibility is to keep children engaged, full, and happy. Nannies also supervise kids and keep track of their activity during the day. These specialists are often in charge of work and play time of their mentees. A travel nanny’s tasks comprise designing and offering various educational activities and leisure plans for children. It can be specific duties, such as school assistance when the family moves to a new country. Alternatively, you can be busy making up different ways to spend time with kids outdoors. Working as a nanny is not a piece of cake. It requires much energy, patience, and flexibility. Children (especially the young ones) don’t always clearly express what bothers them. Yet, if you learn how to communicate with these tiny people, this experience will be hugely rewarding. 

Besides, the tasks described above, nannies are often required to do laundry, drive, pack for travels, and prepare meals for children. They are expected to be adventurous and attentive to detail. Although many advertisements announce that travel nannies are required for a full-time job from Monday to Friday, be prepared for long-distance travels and unfixed working hours. 

Requirements to the candidate

To become a sought-after specialist in this sphere, you need relevant experience with children of a particular age. Working with toddlers differs from dealing with pre-school kids dramatically. Therefore, you need to be fully aware of the subtleties of the kid’s age while applying for the job. How to gain such experience? By working part-time at kindergartens or nursery homes. Travelling is not always about having fun. Things often go wrong. Flight cancellation or jet lags stress people out. Kids are even more vulnerable. It is harder for them to endure long flights or bus travels. Keep that in mind and various learn about ways to comfort and calm down crying and wining children. Thus, if you feel doubts about working with children, we would recommend choosing another profession.

For travel nannies, personality matters a lot. You have to be engaging and bubbly. Children are always full of energy, so should you keep up with them. Nannies focus on kids’ behavior and education, they help them reach necessary milestones at kindergartens or at schools. Since you are going to spend much time with your mentee (quite often, working as a travel nanny is a live-in vacancy), you will become a role model for them. Proactive and determined candidates are more likely to get such a position. 

Additional demands

A driver’s license, together with a good command of foreign languages, will be a big advantage too. Travel nannies are often expected to speak German or French, so kids could learn the language from a young age. Sporty nannies who can teach children how to swim, play football, basketball, tennis or other kinds of sports are also welcome. Sometimes they accompany kids during the competitions or music contests, so playing instruments or having a sports background will be a big bonus.

One of the most serious requirements, though, is a readiness to relocate. The travel nanny job speaks of itself. You have to be ready to move around the country or even worldwide. This perspective looks promising and exciting. However, it has many flaws. Long flights and jet lags, a new environment you can struggle to get used to, packing thousands of things, crowds of people in the airports or railway stations. All these factors result in constant stress and lack of sleep. 

How to become a travel nanny?

To become a travel nanny, you have to meet professional requirements and promote your skills and knowledge. Place your resume on various platforms where people search for nannies for their kids. Selecting someone who will take care of and mentor kids is a responsible task, so be ready for long interviews. You are expected to be flexible, patient, and good at communicating with children of different ages.

Networking plays a crucial role in this sphere. People are more likely to choose the candidate recommended by their friends, colleagues or relatives. Thus, don’t hesitate to offer people your services, so they can be sure about your knowledge and experience. 

Start with a part-time job at the kindergarten or a nursery home. Thus, you will understand how to deal with kids of various ages and realize which age group would be a better fit for you.

However, the most crucial factor to become a travel nanny is to love children and be ready to take care of them. 

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