All You Need To Know About Visiting Paris In January

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January is not one of the best months of the year to visit Paris, as it is in the middle of winter. Most people think what to do in Paris in the winter, during this period, certain outdoor activities – such as picnics, long walks in the city parks and cold beers on the balconies of the cafes – are compromised. But that doesn’t mean the city is dead! On the contrary, there are many programs and activities arranged at the end of the winter season in Jan Month.

Climate In Paris In January

At the height of winter in January, with temperatures always below 10ºC. the secret to enjoying the city without the hassle is to be properly dressed that is warm and protect against an ice-cold breeze. January is also a humid month, with about 12 days of rain but are not torrential tropical storms.

Is it snowing in Paris in January? Snow in Paris is unpredictable, and can happen from November to March, and not always in large quantities.

The temperature in Paris in January:

  • Average maximum temperature: 8 ° C.
  • Average minimum temperature: 3 ° C.
  • Average temperature: 5 ° C.
  • Precipitation: 59 mm, with about 12 days of rain.

Sunrise and Sunset: 

During the month of January, the sunrise time varies from 08h44 (01/01) to 0822 (01/31). The sunset time varies from 17h04 (01/01) to 17:45 (01/31).

What To Wear In Paris In January: 

It is quite cold in Paris in January. Being properly wrapped up is essential to enjoy Paris. Bring heavy woolen jackets (But not the leather jackets) or padded jackets, sweaters, thermal second-skin t-shirts, gloves, scarves, socks, and wool caps. Closed shoes and boots. An umbrella is also recommended.

What Is Worth In Paris In January?

Here is mentioned cultural programming that no one wants to miss in Paris in January. The big winter sales that start on 08/01 and run until 02/02. The discounts really start from 30% and increase every week, reaching 70%.

Until 01/05 visit some Christmas markets in Paris. Great opportunity to buy gifts and handmade souvenirs from various French regions and to taste the typical winter gastronomy.

Ice skate. As the Christmas markets, the skating rinks are an unmissable and very fun program for those who will be in Paris in January.

Eat the traditional galette des Rois puff pastry tart traditionally filled with almond cream. That is part of the Epiphany or Kings Day festivities in France. A small porcelain figure is hidden inside the pie. Whoever receives the piece of pie with the figure becomes the king or queen of the party.

Commemoration of the Chinese New Year that takes place on the 25th of January with parades through the streets of the 13th arrondissement in Paris. Where the Parisian Chinese quarter is, starting at 1 pm.

Time to forget about the diet and salads. And enjoy the caloric and comforting foods of winter based on cheese and potatoes

What To Do In Paris In January 

Christmas Markets

Until the 5th of January, it is still possible to visit some Christmas markets in Paris.

  • Jardin des Tuileries Christmas Market
  • Christmas Village at the Eiffel Tower
  • Saint-Germain-des-Près Christmas Market

Skating Rinks

The ice skating rinks are fun and Christmas-like program in the northern hemisphere. In Paris, all these ephemeral tracks are installed in emblematic and beautiful points of the capital. Some of them are associated with a Christmas market, which multiplies the fun by 1,000.

  • Skating rink at the Jardin des Tuileries Christmas market
  • Skating rink at the top of the Grande Arco de la Défense
  • Le Grand Palais des Glaces – skating rink at the Grand Palais
  • Skating rink of the Jardim do Trocadéro.

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Main Temporary Exhibitions In Paris In January

  • Van Gogh, the starry night:
  •  Degas at the Opera
  •  Embroidery art in the Middle Ages
  •  Bacon en Toutes Lettres
  •  The Alana Collection
  •  Marie-Antoinette, metamorphoses d’une image
  •  Mondrian Figurative
  •  Toulouse-Lautrec: Resolutely modern
  •  Picasso – Magical Paintings
  •  The golden age of English painting
  •  Leonardo da Vinci

We hope you find the above information useful. Have fun in Paris!

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