What to Eat in Koh Samui – Breakfast, Brunch, Lunch & Dinner

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The cosmopolitan island, Koh Samui, attracts an array of visitors with its white sand beaches and fisherman’s village. It’s one of Thailand’s most unique islands and boasts with sightseeing, activities, and delicious recipes that everyone must try in their lifetime. You’ll find some of the best authentic Thai food in Koh Samui. To really enjoy your time in Koh Samui, your next trip should not only include the must-see attractions, but also the must-eat dishes. To get the most out of your next journey, here’s what to eat in Koh Samui:


While there isn’t a signature breakfast dish in Thailand, you must try their pathongko with milk or porridge. These donuts are twisted or rolled into balls and deep-fried before being served in the morning with porridge or soymilk. You can find them being sold many places in the early hours. If you’re not big on Thai breakfast, this great island is like one giant mixing pot with an array of choices. You’ll find a Full-English breakfast being served on the beach and coffee in the fisherman’s village.


The meal between breakfast and lunch has more options than the first meal of the day. You can find yourself eating shrimp, mini-burgers, and even sweets. If you’ve been before then you probably already know Sunday brunch in Koh Samui can best be spent at the beach club. Let’s take a look at Sunday Brunch at the Beach Republic, you’re not only going to try one thing for your brunch, you’re going to get a rotating menu of authentic Thai dishes, seafood, vegetarian, and dairy and gluten-free options. Kids are welcome for half the price, so you can bring your family too. It’s a Thai brunch that excites your taste buds and entertains your mind.


There are countless options for scrumptious meals to try before leaving the island. Between lunch and dinner, it can be hard to decide what to indulge yourself on next. From stir-fries to noodle soups, to spicy salads, you cannot leave without trying as many different things as possible. One of the most popular options being Khao Pad. It’s a fried rice with meats like seafood, beef, chicken, and pork. Another perfect choice is Kao Niew Ma Muang. Made up of sticky rice and mango slices, it’s a sweet dessert that can be enjoyed any time of day.


So many choices, so little time. One of the best meals in Thailand is Laab (spicy salad). This Northeastern style salad is made with mushroom or meat and mint. It has a spicy kick that leaves you craving more. However, if you can’t handle spice, it may be best to stick to something like Kai Med Mu Muang. It’s a sweet stir-fried dish that consists of ingredients like chicken, soy sauce, cashews, honey, chilis, and vegetables. Both tourists and locals agree that this dish is one of the best food in Koh Samui.

Eating in Koh Samui can be a tasty and unique experience. You’re likely to spend your mornings eating Thai-style donuts on the pristine beaches, and nights enjoying a spicy or sweet dish with a jungle view. Thailand is a place filled with adventure, appetizing meals, and mesmerizing scenery. It caters to both, budget and luxurious, travellers meaning it’s an opportunity to try something authentic and rare. Your next trip to this melting pot of an island should include the must-see and the must-eats!

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