Yàn Mooncakes 2021 – Mid-Autumn Splendour With Gorgeous Gift Sets

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Illuminated by the full moon and the warm glow of lanterns, Mid-Autumn Festival is an annual affair that brings loved ones together in a meaningful celebration of traditions. Mooncakes – timeless symbols of reunion – are favourite festive treats for gifting family and friends, or for one’s own indulgence. From now to 21 September 2021, Yàn Mooncakes 2021 celebrates the autumn festival with a signature repertoire of five traditional mooncakes and a snowskin creation. The festive delights are presented in new vibrant packaging dressed in modern Chinese elements.

Yàn Mooncakes 2021 – An Array Of Mid-Autumn Delights At The Double Moon box

Sets of four mooncakes are available in two different packagings. A perfect gift for those who appreciate classic designs, the elegant Get-Together Box is a stunning fuchsia drawer box with a striking gold-coloured stencil of auspicious phrases. The Bamboo Tote presents a classic handwoven basket made from natural bamboo, cradling four boxes of mooncakes stylishly bundled in a fuchsia cloth. The reusable tote is perfectly sized to hold daily essentials, or as a gift bag for sharing treats with family and friends – a nod to sustainable gifting. Its pink wrap can be repurposed as a gorgeous wrap for other gifts, a fabric holder for lunch boxes, or as a decorative scarf.

Ideal as simpler gifts, the Double Moon offers sets of two mooncakes that are fitted into a box with a satin ribbon handle and adorned with prints of Chinese-influenced fabric embroidery – inspired by a striking feature wall at Yàn. Other gifting options include specially curated sets that pair Yàn’s mooncakes with treats from Fossa Chocolate, Kindred Tea, and Smoke & Mirrors.

Yàn Mooncakes 2021 – Tastes Of Tradition

The White Lotus Paste Mooncakes are an ode to time-honoured traditions. The baked pastries present choices such as single or double salted egg yolks cushioned in pure white lotus seed paste. The classic treat is also offered with macadamia nuts embedded within the smooth and sweet filling.

A popular mainstay at Yàn, the Thousand Layer Yam Mooncakes are much-anticipated festive highlights. Spirals of flaky pastry encase an aromatic filling of sweet and earthy yam paste, available plain or with a salted egg yolk for a savoury-sweet treat. Orders are to be placed one day in advance, as the pastries are freshly handcrafted for each customer.

The Mao Shan Wang Durian Snowskin Mooncake has become a firm favourite for durian lovers since its introduction in 2019. The luscious, rich, and bittersweet Mao Shan Wang durian pulp is enclosed within a soft pastel yellow snowskin.

Yàn Mooncakes 2021 – Festive Treats For The Occasion

Share the festive conviviality with family and friends through personalised selections of mooncakes in the Mix & Match Set ($70 nett per box of four). Select four from the following:

  • White Lotus Paste Mooncakes with Macadamia Nuts
  • White Lotus Paste Mooncakes with Single Yolk
  • White Lotus Paste Mooncakes with Double Yolk Thousand Layer Yam Mooncakes
  • Thousand Layer Yam Mooncakes with Single Yolk

Yàn Mooncakes 2021 – Gift Sets With Tea, Chocolate & Cocktails

This year, Yàn collaborates with three locally grown brands – Fossa Chocolate, Kindred Tea, and Smoke & Mirrors – for four curated gift sets, offering pairings that elevate the enjoyment of the mooncakes. Each festive set features four pieces of White Lotus Paste Mooncakes with either macadamia nuts or single salted egg yolk.

Yàn Mooncake & Tea Pairing Gift Set

The time-honoured match of mooncake with tea features Kindred Tea’s Chrysanthemum Pu-Erh Tuocha. A popular blend referred to as gook po in Cantonese, the full-bodied brew with light floral notes balances the sweet white lotus paste.

Yàn Mooncake & Tea Chocolate Gift Set

The contemporary pairing features two artisanal tea-infused bars from Fossa Chocolate. The award-winning Honey Orchid Dancong Oolong Tea Chocolate combines tea from Phoenix Mountain in Guangdong with biscuity Kokoa Kamili cacao from Tanzania. The Traditional Liu Bao Hei Cha Tea Chocolate melds Ecuadorian Costa Esmeraldas cacao with a fermented tea blend of Yunnan leaves and local Wuzhou Guiqing middle-sized leaf cultivar.

Yàn Chrysanthemum Harmony Gift Set

Chrysanthemum – a symbol of longevity and rejuvenation. The meaningful set features Chrysanthemum Pu-Erh Tuocha from Kindred Tea and Chrysanthemum Chocolate from Fossa Chocolate. The latter presents premium chrysanthemum buds from Zhejiang with fruity cacao from Rehoboth Estate.

Yàn Mooncake & Cocktail Pairing Gift Set

Two bottled cocktails from Smoke & Mirrors present a modern pairing experience that complements the baked pastries. Bananas in a Glass is a twist on the classic negroni with banana-infused cognac and salted banana liqueur. The second cocktail – 1959 – is an elevated Manhattan that balances aged rum and chocoberry vermouth with charcoal-roasted cacao nibs.

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