Celebrate this Dragon Boat Festival and share bundles of joy with an array of expertly crafted rice dumpling creations, available from 11 to 25 June 2020 at Wan Hao Chinese Restaurant. With a harmonious blend of flavours and textures, these homemade masterpieces include novel creations as well as popular favourites. Whether you prefer old-school favourites or look forward to the avant-garde rice dumpling creations with a modern twist, Wan Hao Chinese Restaurant’s bundles of gastronomic joy will be loved by both the young and old.

Wan Hao Rice Dumplings 2020 – Family Moments of Bliss

More than ever, we learn to live in the moment and treasure every blessing. Treat your loved ones to the newly created, indulgent 10-Head Abalone & Conpoy Chicken Rice Dumpling (鲍鱼瑶柱凤仙粽) that promises an explosion of flavours in the mouth. Unravel this luscious bundle to find glorious fillings of a whole abalone, conpoy, Chinese sausage, tender chicken meat and chestnuts, bursting through a layer of fragrant glutinous rice. The 10-head abalone is cooked in flavourful superior stock that has been double-boiled for 3 hours. This winning combination of these well-loved Cantonese delicacies delivers a satisfying medley of taste and textures, complete with a divine aroma that will whet the appetite.

Wan Hao Rice Dumplings 2020 – Wholesome Goodness

Also making its debut is the nutrient-packed Wild Mushroom 5-Grain Vegetarian Rice Dumpling (野菌五谷素粽) that packs a punch of varying textures and flavours with every mouthful. Rich in dietary fibre, nutrients and vitamins, this healthy interpretation of the well-loved rice dumpling scores high on the taste scale too. The leaves swaddle a dazzling variety of fillings: black truffle, cordyceps flower, king mushrooms, married with vegetarian bak kwah, black fungus, turnip, carrot, braised peanuts and cabbage, and a medley of grains including brown rice, sorghum rice, oats, barley and pearl rice. In this East meets West creation, each parcel is elevated with the fragrant notes of black truffle.

Wan Hao Rice Dumplings 2020 – Scintillating Local Flavours

Inspired by Singapore’s love for crabs and back by popular demand, the crustacean-filled White Pepper Crab Rice Dumpling (白胡椒蟹肉粽) is filled with generous chunks of naturally sweet crab meat and nutritious black-eyed peas for that delightful crunch. Instead of the usual chilli crab flavour, Wan Hao Chinese Restaurant has up the game with the richness of white pepper which imparts a rich, fiery kick.

Wan Hao Rice Dumplings 2020 – Timeless Favourite

Back by popular demand to satisfy rice dumpling purists, the traditional Signature Pork & Salted Egg Rice Dumpling (蛋黄咸肉粽) hits all the right spots. This fragrant parcel harbours succulent premium pork – immersed in chef’s secret marinade, perfectly salted egg yolk, mushrooms, black beans and chestnuts enrobed by flavour-packed, soft glutinous rice. This classic amalgamation of Chinese delicacies held dear by traditionalists, yield a perfect balance of tastes and textures, while the wrapping of bamboo leaves facilitates absorption of the natural fragrance of the velvety pork and leaves by the rice. The result – a divine scent that you will not be able to resist.

Wan Hao Rice Dumplings 2020 – Order Now

Rice Dumplings

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Abalone & Conpoy Chicken Rice Dumpling NEW 鲍鱼瑶柱凤仙粽


Signature Pork & Salted Egg Rice Dumpling



White Pepper Crab Rice Dumpling



Wild Mushroom 5-Grain Rice Dumpling NEW 野菌五谷素粽



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