FestivalForGood 2017 – Spirit, Innovation & Passion To Be #PartOfTheGood

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FestivalForGood, Singapore’s only social enterprise festival, returns for its second run on 19 August 2017 to showcase the nation’s vibrant social enterprises and celebrate their spirit, innovation and passion to do good through their businesses. FestivalForGood will take place at lyf@SMU from 12pm to 10pm, and will be officiated by President Tony Tan. FestivalForGood will feature socially-conscious products, interactive workshops and live performances from over 70 social enterprises across diverse sectors, and promises an exciting and enriching experience for everyone from all walks of life.

Organised by the Singapore Centre for Social Enterprise (raiSE), FestivalForGood will feature a wide range of unique activities spanning fashion, lifestyle and F&B, to technology, health and wellness, such as a pop-up market featuring socially-conscious merchandise, clothing, accessories, lifestyle products and services, and more;

Immersive sensory adventures, from a meditative tea appreciation session facilitated by the hearing-impaired to navigating an exhibition in the dark while guided by the visually-impaired;

Intimate and inspiring conversations with passionate social entrepreneurs on innovating with art and technology, conscious consumerism and business sustainability;

Delectable food bites from social enterprises that employ or serve the disadvantaged.

This year’s FestivalForGood also features a series of interactive and experiential activities across the island throughout the month of August, from coffee-brewing, leather crafting and up cycling workshops to concerts for seniors, yoga classes and life-saving CPR training. Hosted by social enterprises, partners and supporters, these events will provide the public with a behind-the- scenes view of how businesses are creating meaningful and sustainable impact in Singapore.

Singapore’s social enterprise sector has been growing rapidly in recent years, with raiSE’s over 400 social enterprise members meeting social needs through creative and sustainable business models. Against this backdrop, FestivalForGood aims to encourage the public to create positive impact by supporting local social enterprises.FestivalForGood attracted over 1,000 visitors in its flagship run last year and is gearing up to be a highly anticipated event not to be missed.

More information on FestivalForGood can be found at their Website as well as Facebook Fan Page.

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